Avengers week continues.  The Avengers made over 200 million dollars on it’s opening weekend making it the best opening weekend of all time.  Let’s celebrate that now as that record seems to be broken every couple of months.  Have you seen it yet?  You had better because by the end of my Avengers week celebration I plan on dropping some spoilers.  This post is safe though for those of you who haven’t seen it so read on.  This here is the Hawkeye figure from the same series of Avengers figures as the Wonder Man figure I reviewed the other day.  They are based on a short lived cartoon, Avengers: United They Stand which aired in 1999 and 2000.  I actually don’t think I ever saw the show, I never really had any interest and the main reason for that is this figure right here.  I bought the entire line of figures as it was the first time a few of the characters had ever received an action figure.  The series boasted a few cool redesigns of costumes like Kangs and the Wasps.  On the other hand they absolutely flubbed Hawkeye’s design.  Actually that’s not really true.  The design itself  as it appears in the animation isn’t so bad but it’s this god awful action figure that soured me on the whole series.  The series focused on B list Avengers like the previously reviewed Vision and Wonder Man along with Ant Man, Tigra, Falcon and others.  No Iron Man or Thor here folks.  This team was actually closer to the team you could read about in the Avengers sister title The West Coast Avengers which featured a team of Avengers in California lead by Hawkeye.  The cartoon may have sucked but the comic that inspired it did not.  West Coast Avengers was actually Doug and I’s favorite Avengers book growing up, in large part to the inclusion of Hawkeye and his wife Mocking Bird.  Characters like Tigra had a chance to shine in this book rather than be overshadowed by the big guns in the main Avengers title.  Like every comic book character Hawkeye’s had his ups and downs.  He’s been a villain, his wife died, then he died, he’s been impersonated by a villain, he came back to life, he fell in love with another woman, then his wife came back from what wasn’t actually death but an alien abduction, yadda yadda yadda.  Currently Hawkeye leads his own team of covert Avengers in the title Secret Avengers.

What he’s supposed to look like.

So yeah, this figure.  It sucks nuts.  Why not go with Hawkeye’s super cool standard design?  Why tech him up with a bunch of stupid gadgets and silly armor.  And what’s with the exposed hair mask thing?  This is similar to the mask he worse during his stint as Goliath which was not a good look for him.  Besides the needless crappying up of the overall look, what the hell is with the proportions on this thing?  I hope someone at Toy Biz was fired for this monstrosity.  His legs practically come up to his neck.  And are you series with that bow?  Come on now.  I hate this thing.  I only bought it because it was the only Hawkeye figure available at the time.  I’m happy to say I have a much better Hawkeye toy now courtesy of the Marvel Universe line.  I’m sure plenty of new Hawkeye figures will be available soon as the  Avengers movie toy line expands beyond the initial wave.  I don’t usually go for character’ s based on actor’s likeness but I’m a huge Jeremy Renner fan (Dahmer, 28 Weeks Later, Hurt Locker) so I will definitely snatch up a movie accurate Hawkeye once he’s released.  If you need a Hawkeye figure wait for the soon to be released movie one, or track down the Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends version.  If you come across this one, burn it.  2 out of 10.


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  1. Avengers was ok, but I think it is the last movie I am willingly seeing in 3d. I’m just not into that.
    I think if I had been a bigger comic book fan, I would have enjoyed Avengers more, but I’m just not. And Hawkeye? Hated him in the movie.

    This figure pretty much sucks too. He looks like such a bro surfer. I hadn’t notice the leg proportions but they are glaring now. The enormous bow is probably the worst of it though.

    You should upgrade him.

    • I can’t believe you’re so luke warm on the Avengers. Madness! I do have a much better Hawkeye figure which I will review at a later date. stay tuned.

      • Watching the movie, I had a feeling that comic book fans would love it in a way that I couldn’t. I just didn’t get into the characters. Funny though, as I’m super excited for the new GI Joe movie, which certainly won’t be as good as Avengers, but I think I’ll enjoy it far more just due to the connection I have to the characters.

      • I was way more pumped up about Joe 2 then I was about Avengers but Avengers has left some pretty big shoes to fill.

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