Avengers movie week continues.  I now present to you Vision.  No, he wasn’t in the movie either.  Like Wonder Man in my previous post, Vision is a frequent member of the team and that’s the best place for him as not too many people are clamoring for a Vision solo book.  He’s another one of the Avengers B-listers but I think Vision is much more interesting than Wonder Man.  Vision has a lot of history behind him, more than I want to get into here but I’ll give you some highlights.  Basically he’s an android that was built by the evil robot Ultron.  Ultron sent Vision to destroy the Avengers but Vision betrayed him and joined the Avengers instead.  He then married fellow Avenger Scarlet Witch and they even had a couple of kids.  Don’t ask me how that works.  As it turned out the kids ended up just being figments of Scarlet Witch’s imagination and she ended up un-making them.  Don’t worry, they got re-incarnated as teen super heroes later.  Ah, don’t you just love comic books.  Vision has been blown apart and dismantled more times than I can count.  In one story line in the late 80s Vision was torn apart but then rebuilt by Henry Pym : Giant Man.  This rebuilt version lacked Vision’s bold fashion sense and also his sense of humor.  Vision’s personality (which was originally just a  copy of the then deceased Wonder Man in the first place) was no more as the now alive again Wonder Man didn’t want to share his persona with a robot.  Vision who had previously always been a garish combination of red, green and yellow was now stark white from head to toe and more robotic then he had ever been before.  He did eventually regain both his color palette and his friendly demeanor.  He’s gone through a few more trials and tribulations since then such as getting ripped in half by the She-Hulk and then getting resurrected as a teenage android.   These days he’s back as the good old fashion, full grown, red green and yellow Avenger.

Growing up Marvel toys were hard to come by.  I wanted an expansive collection of Marvel heroes and villains more than anything back then.  The Secret Wars toy line of the early 80s was long gone and the Toy Biz series’ based on the many 90s Marvel cartoons were still a few years away.  Doug and I made do by making paper dolls of the characters.  We literally made hundreds of those things.  I actually don’t recall if we ever made a Vision.  I remember going into our local shop one day and having my prayers seemingly somewhat answered.   Back then new comics came out on Fridays and Doug and I would walk across Sackville to the Cardboard Jungle on Saturdays to pick up our weekly haul of comics.  Having a comic store within walking distance when I was a kid is a convenience I took for granted, god knows what I would’ve done without it.   Anyway one day they had a box of new Marvel figurines by the cash.  These figures were small and solid plastic with no joints.  I’m not sure who made them or how many of them were made but Doug and I snatched up all that we could.  The sculpting wasn’t great, they almost looked like something you would get in a bubble gum machine.  What I did love about them is not only were they Marvel figures but they were current Marvel figures, they reflected what was happening in the books at the time.  Jean Grey was in her red and yellow X-Factor costume, Hulk was gray and Vision was white.  This figure hardly looks like anything to get excited about I know but having any sort of Marvel figure back then was a thrill.  The scale was really off on some of these figures.  Vision for example towered over my Hobgoblin and others.  On the plus side Vision can alter his size so I could rationalize it.  This figure has a decent amount of detail which doesn’t really show in this picture unfortunately.  If you have a chance to buy a different Vision figure-do that, but when this was all that existed it was pretty cool.               4 out of 10.


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