Avengers week is officially over and I’m moving on with my life.  I’m going back to reviewing a wide array of action figures from various toy lines representing different properties.  My first instinct was to grab a G.I. Joe as that is my most bountiful collection but then I figured maybe I’d do a Gundam figure instead as it’s been a while since I reviewed one.  Truth be told the decision was also driven by laziness.  I don’t feel like writing too much right now and  Joes tend to spark lots of talking points.  When it comes to Gundams I have very little to say.  They look cool, that’s about all I know.  There are hundreds of Gundam figures and model kits available in various sizes and a lot of them look pretty much the same to me.  I tend to only buy them when I see one with a unique flare to it.  Luckily there are many strange and unique figures peppered throughout the line.

This here is Nobel Gundam, though Chick Gundam would probably better sum her up.  I believe there may be a few female Gundam pilots but I think this is the only actual female mobile suit.  I tried to google some pics of her to add to this post and I found a fair share of provocatively posed shots.  I’m not saying that Japanese people are perverts necessarily but they sure do like to sexualize cartoons.  I’m not an anime fan myself, I enjoy Robotech and the odd film now and again but some of those films can get pretty raunchy.  This Gundam here for example I would say must be modeled off of Sailor Moon, with her school girl-esque build and long blonde hair.  From what I hear we got a pretty tame version of Sailor Moon over here in North America compared to what they were watching over in Japan. There’s plenty of disturbing animated images to be found online…or so Andrew tells me.  I shudder to think of sweet little Min-Mei from Robotech running into one of those tentacle situations that anime girls tend to wind up in though I’m sure it’s been done by some animator somewhere with too much free time.

This figure is pretty cool, her small feminine build sets her apart from my other Gundam figures.  The long flowing blonde locks and bows on the front and back of her body also make her stand out from the crowd.  I wish I could tell you she’s my only Gundam with red high heels on but that actually seems to be a popular fashion trend even amongst the male robots.  She’s got a weird bendy warped light saber which I believe is supposed to be a laser ribbon or something.  The figure’s super posable as most of these figures tend to be and she’s brightly colored and looks great on display.  A great toy for wholesome children and pervy Japanese robo-kinksters alike.  7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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