Well gang it’s been a week now since the Avengers movie was released so I guess I’ll wrap up Avengers week with this post.  Tomorrow I can get back to reviewing G.I. Joes and Batman figures in anticipation of their upcoming movies.  I warned you a few posts ago that by the ned of Avengers week I’d be putting some spoilers in my posts and this post in and of itself is a spoiler.  However it’s not like I’m telling you that a character dies or something- that would piss off anyone who hasn’t seen the movie.  No this post reveals the identify of the films true villain, the puppeteer pulling Loki and the Chitauri’s strings: Thanos the mad titan.  <Gasp>  I feel conformable revealing this here for two reasons.  A.  Any comic fan who’s worth a damn has seen the movie already so this is not a spoiler at all. and B.  That means the only people who haven’t seen the movie yet are casual fans and no casual fan would know who the hell Thanos is anyway.  All the Marvel movies have hidden scenes after the credits roll.  The hidden scene after the Avengers credits shows the leader of the defeated alien race the Chitauri hobbling back to his as yet unseen master.  He tells the shadowy figure that they had been mislead about the humans abilities to fight back.  The humans are a force to be reckoned with and to battle them is to court death.  With that remark the figure turns to the camera and smiles.  With his purple face and golden helmet sitting low on his brow it is unmistakably Thanos.  I had an in theater nerd-gasm at the reveal.  Other more casual viewers who stuck around for the scene were most likely thinking “who the hell is this guy?”  This pretty much guarantees that the Avengers sequel will involve Earth’s mightiest heroes facing the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet in battle.  How f**king cool is that?  I reviewed a different Thanos figure a little while back where I told you that he was my absolute favorite villain.  I said that he wasn’t the type of villain who appeared in movies.  I guess I was wrong and I’m sure Thanos will become many more people’s favorite villain once the sequel hits.  The comment about courting death was a nice little nod to fans in the know that Thanos’ on-again off-again girlfriend is literally the cosmic embodiment of Death.

This particular figure is one of four Thanos figures that I own in various shapes and sizes.  This is the first one I ever got and I believe its the first figure of the character  ever produced.  It’s from the Silver Surfer line of figures based on the Surfer’s short-lived animated series which aired in 1998.  As you’ve seen I have a giant tub of 90s era Toy Biz figures and this is one of my favorites.  The sculpt is great, his muscles and costume provide him with the proper bulk to make him an imposing figure.  Unfortunately that’s diminished by the height of the toy.  In may be in part due to the fact that this Thanos has a bit of a hunch but he’s much shorter than many of the other Toy Biz figures of the era.  For a character that’s supposed to be larger than life and able to lay the smack down on the elders of the universe I’m not sure why the sculptors went with such diminutive proportions.  Another odd choice they made with this toy is the choice of bright orange on the boots and gloves. Thanos wears gold and they obviously had the gold paint to work with as his shoulder armor and belt are the perfect hue.  The bright orange isn’t terrible, it’s just weird.  Where this figure really shines is in the overall pose and the head sculpt.  The detailed head with evil sneer and big black eyes is fantastic.  In perfectly captures the titan’s madness.  As for the pose, I love that he’s got a big giant fist for punching and also a big giant point for when he’s lecturing.  Thanos is a character that likes to hear himself talk.  I only wish the Surfer show had lasted for more than a single season so that we may have gotten more great figures like this based on other cosmic heavyweights.  8 out of 10.


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  1. I feel a bit ashamed. I know who Thanos is, and would’ve recognized him had I watched the Avengers film. I stuck with the X-titles, the Avengers were too goody goody for me to read.

    • Dude! You have to watch the Avengers movie. I discovered Thanos through the Silver Surfer’s book originally.

      • I know Thanos from reading Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. For me, the Avengers were always just “Feh.” I was more excited that Jess Whedon’s “Cabin in the Woods” was (finally) released a few weeks before Avengers. I’m shamed to admit I’ve never seen any of the Spider-Man movies either, despite reading that comic religiously when growing up.

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