When I started this blog a few months ago it seemed like I was reviewing a comic book character designed by Jack Kirby every other day.  Well It’s been a while so I figured I’d tackle another one.  Also I was away camping this past long weekend, I’m tired and want to crawl into bed so I chose to write about a character I can’t ramble on about.  Why write at all?  For you my friends.  My posts have been few and far between the past few days and that’s because my lil bro was home from Toronto for this family reunion type thing we were doing so I’ve been busy with family stuff.  I felt compelled to get something posted tonight before going to bed for you.  So why don’t I have much to say about the Parademon?  Because I know next to noting about him/them.  I’ve talked about Kirby and his creation, the New Gods in my Mantis, Mr. Miracle and Darkseid posts so I won’t get into it too much here.  Basically Darkseid is the bad guy and the Parademons are his henchmen, his low-level grunts, his infantry.  I’ve read alot of the New Gods books but the Parademons origins haven’t really been fleshed out in anything that I’ve read.  From their original Kirby designs I would say these guys aren’t demons at all, it’s just the name given to these soldiers who look like humans when out of uniform.  Artists nowadays tend to draw them as more monster than man.  I’ve never seen them look like this (the figure) except for in the 80s Super Powers line.  As I mentioned in my review of Mantis, some of the New Gods were redesigned for the toyline for what I assume for marketing reasons.  A lot more young boys would be interested in a Parademon that looks like a demon and a Mantis that looks like a praying-mantis instead of just a couple of more dudes in wanky costumes.  I read on another blog that the redesigns were actually done by Kirby himself at Kenner’s request.  I don’t know if that’s true but I hope it is as that makes them way cooler.

Original Kirby design

I never owned the Parademon toy as a kid but I remember him vividly and I thought he was cool.  Because of that toy line I always envisioned the characters that were featured in it were the main characters of the DC universe.  I didn’t read DC books as a kid so I had no idea that the Parademon and the other New Gods hardly ever appeared in the comics at all.  In the modern DC toy line, DC Classics they’ve made it a mission to remake all of the characters that appeared in the Super Powers Collection; even C-list henchmen like Parademon here.  I never the Classics version either but that’s only because I never came across the version that I wanted.  The figure was released in two variations: the yellow and green more comic accurate version and the red demonic Super Powers homage version.  I wanted the red one but never saw it.  Then a few months ago I went to the Dartmouth comic store Giant Robot and scored the 80s Super Powers versions of Darkseid and the Parademon for a great price.  It was a great score and I finally had one of those 80s figures that I always wanted but never owned.  I’ve rambled on too long already (as always happens when I’m trying to be quick) so I’ll keep the review brief.  The sculpt is great and the colors just pop.  I love the look of all of these Super Powers toys.  They managed to capture the most iconic looks of the DC heroes and villains more so than any toy line since.  And somehow they managed to sneak in a few completely new character redesigns amongst the icons, and those redesigns have now become iconic looks of their own.  This is the coolest Parademon design that I’ve ever come across and I’d like to see it in the comics at some point.   7 out of 10.

DC Classics-Both versions


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