So I’m trying something new today.  I have brought along a friend to help me review a figure.  Since my friends and siblings get mentioned on here with some frequency I thought it might be fun to get them to share their thoughts on a few action figures.  Today I’ve invited my best pal Andrew Vaughan.  So Andrew, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well I’m a whiney homo with a fetish for chickens.

Okay…confession.  That wasn’t Andrew’s real answer.  I’ve got to try not to let this power go to my head.  Here’s what he really said.

I’m an aspiring stand up comic from Halifax who preforms at Yuk Yuk’s Amateur night regularly. I’m also one  half of “The Double A Podcast” where, along with with my co-host Adam Noble, I discuss movies and comic books on a bi-weekly basis. Available on itunes at Follow Me on twitter @andrewavaughan to get updates about when you can see me perform stand up in Halifax.

Good stuff.  So I asked Andrew to select a toy that we both would have a mutual love for that we could discuss in this post.  He chose to review 2 figures in one post, greedy bastard that he is.  He chose Bubble Power She-Ra and her flying horse Swiftwind.  I’m not sure if you can really call Swiftwind a horse because he’s actually a unicorn/pegasus but we’ll stick with horse to keep things simple.  So Andrew, what made you select these guys for our review?

Well mostly the fact that you gave them to me and you hadn’t reviewed them for you site yet.

Yes, I purchased these items for Andrew for Christmas which started a chain reaction of him blowing all kinds of money on He-Man figures ever since.  Before you were even collecting the MOTU Classics line you told me you wanted the She-Ra and Swiftwind combo when it was released.  Did you have the original versions back in the 80s?

I did have a She-Ra. She-Ra was actually probably my favorite He-Man toy, which as a boy seems kind of weird.   Yep, totally gay.  I guess back then I never saw her as “the toy added on for girls”, just a kick ass girl and a character I was intrigued by. I remember when I was younger it kind of blew my mind that you could have a twin of the opposite gender. I never owned a Swift wind though. I’m not even sure what the original toy looked like.

It looked like this:

I never had either of the originals.  But I did enjoy the cartoon growing up.  You?

Absolutely. I watched the original cartoons religiously. Hell it was the 80’s what else where kids suppose to do? As an adult I’m not actually sure though if I understood as a kid that He-Man and She-Ra had two separate shows.

Yeah it was pretty cool how She-Ra was the sister show to He-Man and that they crossed over.  She-Ra’s villains were some of my favorites.  Do you have any specific memories of your She-Ra toy growing up?  Like when you first got her.

I got so many He-Man figures as a kid I can’t really recall when I got it but I know I was living in Chester at the time and my parents where still together. Mom would go to Maine frequently to visit the rest of her family and she’d always bring me back something from Toys R Us because we didn’t have any of those here yet. Since most of my He-Man toys came from the states I’d be willing to bet She-Ra came from one of those trips.
As for specific memories I just remember always including She-Ra whenever I played with my He-Man toys. Like I said before I always liked her best and I do remember as a kid taking heat from some of my other friends for liking the “girl” more than they “boy”.   I also remember the fake hair. I think that’s the first figure I ever owned that didn’t have just a giant plastic hunk of hair.

I’m not sure what my first “haired” toy was.  I remember Zanzibar the G.I. Joe pirate had a real hair ponytail but he was Doug’s.  So let’s get talking about these figures.  Give me your thoughts on them.

Vintage Bubble Power She-Ra

I think the new style of the Masters of the Universe stuff is just fantastic. If nothing for the fact that they are not clunky and are well articulated representations of what we thought he had as kids. I know you’ve said before how as a kid we have this idea of what the toys represent in our head and as an adult they end up looking kind of lame. With the Matty Collector collection it’s like having the embodiment of what we saw in our minds.
The She-Ra is a great reproduction. The one you got me was the Bubble She-Ra which I remember from as a kid (although I didn’t have). I like that they decided to re-make an exact toy, with a lame concept, from the 80’s but that they gave you options with it to make the toy worth while. I removed all of her bubble accessories and she looks just like a normal She-Ra, with one exception: the crown (or tiara?) on her head had too much of the purple motif in it and if you don’t use it she’s left with the front of her her matted down: which is it’s only downfall.

I agree.  I would’ve rather us both get the standard She-Ra as opposed to Bubble Power but this was the only one available at the time.  Plus the standard version didn’t have the proper leg articulation to be able to mount Swiftwind.  With all of her extra Bubble themed accessories removed you’s hardly notice that this wasn’t the standard She-Ra except for that damn tiara.  The standard gold winged one would be so much better.  This sparkly pink headgear just looks stupid.  At least it flips into an alternate mask mode.  Unfortunately it’s just as lame.

As for Swiftwind I just love how badass they made what is essentially a unicorn/pegasus look. One of my favorite parts of the figure has to be some of the detail put into it.

On it’s front and hind legs there are actually muscle lines: a great attention to the detail, showing off Swiftwinds strength. The paint job is fantastic and my other favorite part is that I recently learned it’s pretty posable: using the plastic tail you can make Swiftwind stand on it’s back legs which adds a little more to it’s one standard pose.

I agree with you here too.  This is the most badass unicorn of all time.  The sculpt is just amazing.  And despite being pink winged unicorn I actually don’t think he looks overly feminine.  It would’ve been rad if they included a voice chip so that you could hear his hilariously deep voice from the show.  I’m betting this mold will get re-used in the future.  It’s just too good to only use once.   Maybe they could make a black pegasus for Evil Lynn to fly around on.  Anyway, we should wrap this up.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

No prob. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Anytime.  I give Swiftwind a 10 out of 10 and Bubble Power She-Ra a 8 out of 10.  The tiara is the only thing holding her back.


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog.

  2. Swift wing is an allicorn a winged unicorn

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