G.I. Joe: Retaliation week continues.  This week you can get up to speed on the characters who will be appearing in the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel being released to theaters in a mere 10 months.  We’ve started things off covering some vehicle drivers like Swamp-Viper and Snake-Eyes but today I’m gonna review my first single packed figure, Cobra Commander.  As I ravenously pulled blister cards from their pegs this past Saturday I barely looked at the figures I was grabbing.  I  was the only one in the store who appeared interested in these things but in my mind it was as if an armoured car had tipped over on a crowded city block showering the street with hundred dollar bills and it a mad frenzy to grab what you could.  I was feverishly trying to ensure I had one of everything in my basket before some big evil scalper came by and bought everything in sight.  I probably should have settled down long enough to ensure that I was buying quality figures with decent paint applications as there’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing you bought a figure who’s moustache engulfs his nose or who has two left hands.  These things are rare but they do happen;  I have a Thor figure who can attest to it.  One thing I did notice though as I was quickly cramming action figures into my basket was that Cobra Commander was wearing a black uniform.  I thought this was odd as all of the advertising and prototype shots I had seen up to this point were a nice navy blue.  However these types of production changes happen all the time and toys rarely appear identical to the first production photos shown to the public.  So I figured whatever.  I got home and immediately went onto the Joe news site that I frequent to boast about my haul.  I listed off all of the figures and vehicles I purchased.   Someone posted right afterwards saying that they had scored a similar haul except that they had picked up both the blue and black versions of Cobra Commander.  Blue and Black!?  There were variations!?  NOOOO!!  Getting to my Toys R Us was ordeal enough the first time around but now I had to try and get back to check on a single toy that may or may not be there.  How could I have been so foolish as not to check for variants!?   ARGH!!  To save me the trip my pal Miguel went to Toys R Us for me and told me that there were no blue Cobra Commanders to be found.  At least I can sleep at night knowing that I didn’t leave one behind but just knowing that he’s out there will haunt me for the foreseeable future. 

When I first saw the pictures on the internet of this figure I absolutely loved it.  Not that it’s mind blowing or too far off from previous CC figures we’ve received but I think that when compared to the RISE of COBRA version of Cobra Commander this thing is like the goddamn Mona Lisa.  My reaction of giddiness when I first saw the pics of this figure were the exact opposite of my reaction from when I first saw pictures of Cobra Commander figure from Rise of Cobra.  That thing was a frigging nightmare.  Long black jacket blowing in the wind, pin stripe pants, metal chest and glass face…what the hell Hasbro?  The release of those pictures prior to the release of the film was like the Silver Surfer coming to Earth to announce the coming of Galactus; it was the harbinger of doom.   So conversely when the awesome pictures of this figure were released I took them as a good sign that Retaliation would be the G.I. Joe film we fans had been waiting for.  Yes, those were the good old days, early 2012.  Now I fear that the film may be a steaming pile of crap that they’re attempting to salvage with last minute re-shoots.  Oh well, part of me will love it regardless.  Even that ridiculous glass faced commander has grown on me over time, it comes with being a Joe fan.  You take the bad with the good.

So now that I have this figure in hand does he hold up to my high expectations?  Pretty much yeah.  I would’ve preferred the blue version as it’s more classic looking but the Commander frequently dons a black costume and it works quite well here.  The solid black has a few highlights to break up the mostly black figure such as the gold braid on his shoulder but I think the toy would’ve benefitted from a hint more color.  The mold itself is pretty cool with lots of functional looking details.  The helmet is the highlight of the figure.  It’s clearly recognizable as the commander but it’s just different enough to give him a nice contemporary feel.  The figure was light on accessories but Cobra Commander never needed much anyway.   He came with a cobra headed staff that shoots a fireball out of its mouth.  I don’t usually care for these projectile launching accessories but this one is kinda cool and it looks like something CC may have lugged around back in the old cartoon.  I think this is a great version of Cobra’s “fearless” leader, one of the highlights of the Retaliation figures thus far.  8 out of 10.


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  1. There’s a cool enough figure, a shame you have to wait to see him in 3D.

    As someone who barely buys action figures, I know that you do have to check for quality control, as I wound up with a 4 armed General Grievous with his second set of arms on backwards, so he perpetually has upside down hands. How am I supposed to take him seriously?

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