SNAKE-EYES v.61 (2012)


After the release of the Avengers movie a few weeks ago I did an “Avengers Week” where I reviewed a different Avenger figure each day of the week.  I saw a big spike in my site visits because of my Thanos post.  Thanos is the big cosmic bad guy who is shown in a secret scene after the credits begin to roll to be the one who was orchestrating the whole attack on Earth.  I assume many people stayed to watch the scene but most probably didn’t know who or what they were looking at.  I imagine a bunch of them went home and googled Thanos to read up on him hence my increase in views.  This got me thinking that for the next big ensemble movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I should do a G.I. Joe week.  Only this time I would do it on the week leading up to the film’s release therefore everyone could get up to speed on the characters appearing in the film.  This movie features an almost entirely new cast of characters so casual viewers may not be familiar with Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Jinx, Joe Colton and Firefly.  I was quite excited actually for my “Joe Week Special”.  Unfortunately as you now know G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been pushed back 9 months which makes a Joe week kind of redundant at this point.  I did however buy a ton of G.I. Joe : Retaliation toys this past weekend which apparently might be kind of rare for the next few months as Hasbro has opted not to restock the figures until closer to the movies new release date.  Therefore I’m going to go ahead with a G.I. Joe: Retaliation week anyway in order to give other Joes fans who have been anticipating these figures as much as I have but may not be as fortunate as I to find them, a chance to check them out.  So yesterday I reviewed the Swamp-Viper who came packaged with the Cobra Fang-boat.  Today I’m gonna review another vehicle driver, Snake-Eyes.  Yes Snake-Eyes.  I think this will be my third Snake-Eyes review which I believe makes him my most reviewed character on this site.  As I typed that I realized that I’ve reviewed Iron Man 3 times as well so I think he and Snake-Eyes are currently tied for that honour.  I’m sure there’s a way I could quickly check that statistic but who really cares anyway.

Not soon enough.

When I got word that my local Toys R Us had these figures for sale I rushed over there as quickly as I could.  I was already armed with the knowledge that these toys were not being re-stocked after the initial shipments so that saved me the trouble of deciding whether or not I should buy this and that or should I wait until later.  Knowing later meant 9 months from now I just bought everything they had.  Almost.  I left 4 toys behind.  I didn’t buy the single pack Duke/Channing Tatum because the character/actor and toy all kind of suck.  For that reason I also passed on an airplane vehicle that included a Duke figure as the pilot.  Pilot Duke actually looked better than single pack Duke because he had a full helmet but he wasn’t worth the price of a plane that I didn’t want in the first place.  The other two toys I left behind were the single pack Snake-Eyes and a Snake-Eyes packaged with his motorcycle.  Gasp!  Yes I left behind Snake-Eyes, the coolest G.I. Joe of them all.  I left those two Snake-Eyes figures behind for a couple of reasons.  First off, I already have a million Snake-Eyes figures.  There was nothing new or special that I could see about these figures.  Secondly, I was buying the Ninja Dojo 3-pack which included a Snake-Eyes plus I was buying the Ninja Commando 4×4 which also came with a Snake-Eyes.  So I still came home with 2 new Snake-Eyes figures and that seemed like plenty.  The figure included in the Dojo 3 pack is fine, pretty standard, nothing special.  Now you may be wondering why I would’ve bought the Ninja Commando 4×4.  I typically don’t buy vehicles unless I need the figure and I just told you that the last thing I needed was another Snake-Eyes.  Well when I saw this Snake-Eyes figure on the back of the package he just looked…cool.  He looked new and he looked special and that’s what I need in a Snake-Eyes figure.  The single pack and Dojo versions looked like Snake-Eyes but this is the only one that looked like Retaliation Snake-Eyes.  From the movie stills and trailers I’ve seen, this is what Snakes is gonna look like in the movie.  His visor is sleek and jet black with a downward curve, and his body armour is sleek as well, free of bulky pouches and grenades.  It didn’t hurt that the vehicle was pretty cool too.  It’s a repaint of the classic AWE-Striker which I never owned as a kid (Doug did)  and I missed my chance to buy the 25th anniversary rerelease a few years back.  So this was my first chance to own this  classic vehicle.  I’ll review that later.

So like Swamp-Viper I really like the look of this figure.  Thes design is something we haven’t seen before on the Arashakage ninja.  As I mentioned, it’s very sleek and clean.  The chest and head have a high gloss finish on them that really makes this figure stand out from the crowd.  The issue here again is articulation.  This Snake-Eyes is a vehicle driver so Hasbro has taken away all of his articulation.  He moves like an old Star Wars toy.  Straight legs and arms, side to side head movement, that’s it.  Stiffest ninja I’ve ever seen.  I previously reviewed a rather stiff Snake-Eyes figure but that guy was practically a contortionist compared to this guy.  I feel the stiffness hurts this figure more than it did Swamp-Viper.  The Viper’s outfit was bulky and he is a pilot by trade so maybe he really didn’t need to move much.  Snake-Eyes on the other hand is a ninja warrior who needs to be agile.  Also the head on this figure appears large, minor melon-head syndrome.  I really don’t think that it  would be an issue if I could rotate his shoulders out and widen his stance.   But since he’s stuck standing there like a sign post his head will forever remain melony. This was so close to being a very cool figure.  5 out of 10.


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