Retaliation Week continues.  Today I’ll be reviewing another vehicle driver, Firefly.  Firefly is the fan favourite Cobra saboteur who debuted back in 1984.  He’s had dozens (2 dozen to be exact) of figures released since then in a number of different outfits and in a variety of colors.  There may be the odd weirdo out there who likes their Firefly in blue or purple or even lime green but I’m sure most fans would agree that the original grey camouflage pattern is by far the best and most iconic version of Firefly.  Firefly was another one of those characters that I loved as a kid but that Doug owned.  I didn’t get my own Firefly until two decades later when the new sculpt figures came about, and now I must have at least 10 different versions of this guy floating around.  I very nearly passed on buying this figure during my raid on Toys R Us last weekend, and not because I have 10 more at home but because he came packaged with a motorcycle.  I’m prejudice against toy motorcycles.  Figures that come with motorcycles usually suck.  They’re all bowlegged  and have strange articulation and handle bar gripping hands, I just don’t care for them.   I almost always pass on a motorcycle if I can.  One of the 4 toys that I did leave behind that day was the other motorcycle which came packaged with Snake-Eyes.  It was actually my girlfriend Vanessa that suggested I add Firefly and his bike to my overflowing basket, “It’s only another 15 bucks”.  The figure didn’t look very interesting and the bike looked stupid but I couldn’t argue with her sound logic.  Into the basket he went. 

Regret is too strong a word, as 15 bucks really isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but I definitely could’ve done without this figure.  I opened him up and immediately saw an issue.  His feet both point inward.  They look fine when he’s posed on his bike like he was in the package but once you stand him up straight he looks like how kids draw people, with their feet jutting straight out.   I’ve been bending them into place as best I can and I’ve placed him on a stand which helps a little.  However this reaffirmed why I don’t like motor cycle figures.  Even if we look past that glaring flaw this figure is still pretty weak.  He has more articulation than the other vehicle drivers, as knee joints were required for him to sit on the bike properly but he’s still really lacking in that department.  A stiff waist, stiff elbows and only side-to-side head movement does not usually make for a good G.I. Joe.   At least Swamp-Viper looked cool, this Firefly is straight up dull.  He’s painted almost entirely in a drab grey that does nothing to enhance the already boring sculpt.  I’d take lime green Firefly over this guy any day.  I could maybe accept the costume if it was at least film accurate but from the pictures I’ve seen he appears to be wearing his iconic camo pattern in the movie, at least a variation of it.

With the other drivers I told you that I’d cover the vehicles later.  With Firefly I’m just gonna get my thoughts on this bike out of the way now as it’s not worthy of its own post.  This bike sucks.  It’s basically a lump of plastic with wheels.  Sure it’s got little handle bars and peddles for his feet but there’s very little about this thing that says “motorcycle” to me.  I can barely tell the front from the back.  And orange?  Why would the guy with the most boring, colorless attire I’ve ever seen be driving around on an orange space bike?  This set could have been somewhat salvaged had they given him a decent bike, the kind you’d believe Firefly would drive instead of this turd.  As an action feature the bike shoots it’s front tire off and another tire slides in its place.  Kinda cool, maybe. If you absolutely need a Retaliation Firefly right now then go get this one I guess but I’d recommend you wait, there’ll be better ones released in time.  I hope we get an unmasked version of Firefly down the road with the likeness of the actor playing him Ray Stevenson (Punisher: Warzone) as that would be a first for the character.  Bike: 1 out of 10,  Firefly:  3 out of 10.


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  1. Yeah, that is a pretty bad figure/vehicle. I too like the original camo pattern, and it is pretty unforgivable to exclude that here, if he wears the camo in the film. I suppose he also goes maskless a lot in the film, so we can be thankful he didn’t come as such in figure form.

    Speaking of film version, I am a pretty big fan of the actor playing Firefly in the film. He was a starring role in the BBC/HBO mini series ROME, and went on to play somewhat of main toughguy villains in films such as Book of Eli and The Other Guys. Competent at least.

    • I really like Ray Stevenson actually. I never saw Rome but enjoyed him in Punisher, Thor, and Book of Eli. He even voiced the Punisher in the Super Hero Squad cartoon which is pretty cool. I’m hoping for a maskless Firefly down the line.

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