More G.I. Joe : Retaliation reviews for you action figure aficionados.  For this post I have for you the Red Ninja.  Now you may think you’re experiencing a bout of déjà vu but I assure you you’re not.  Yes I just reviewed a Red Ninja Retaliation figure but this here is another Red Ninja Retaliation figure.  This one came packaged in the Ninja Showdown 3 pack along with Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes.  This was an excellent 3 pack.  The other 2 figures were swell but the Red Ninja is the real highlight.  You see I love having squads when it comes to these generic trooper types.  Years ago I used to literally buy the same figure 5 times over to create units of a particular specialty trooper.  Money and space (or lack thereof) has forced me to cease that practice.  However as long as a figure is re-released with a slight variation then I feel justified in making the purchase.  So when Vipers or Cobra troopers get packaged with vehicles or thrown into multi-packs I’m usually happy to have an excuse to pad my Cobra rank and file troops.  The single packed Red Ninja figure that I reviewed in my previous post was so cool that it was very tempting to buy multiple figures.  Luckily the figure was included in this 3 pack which provided me with a unit (or at least a duo) of Red Ninjas without having to buy doubles. 

This figure is exactly the same as the other one except for the color scheme.  This one is  half red and half black and it looks great.  I’d be hard pressed to say which one I like more but I think the all red one may edge this guy out simply because he closer resembles the comic book incarnation.  There’s not much I can say about this mold that I haven’t already, it’s the perfect ninja figure so suck it Michelangelo.   The dual colors on this figure really had some flare to an already great figure that we had previously only seen in solid white and solid red.  What really elevates this figure is the accessories.  The entire showdown set is loaded with swords and nunchucks and other weapons that it’s kind of hard to say which accessories really go with what character.  Though the coolest accessories in the pack are clearly meant for the Red Ninja.   First off there`s a fencing style mask that can be placed on his head to cover his entire face.  What makes this super cool is that it immediately turns a generic Red Ninja figure into Slice.  Slice was an individual Cobra ninja who was

vintage Slice

featured heavily in the comic books near the end of the run when the focus was on the ninja sub-team Ninja Force.  Slice and his partner in crime Dice has not yet received modern sculpt figures and were unlikely candidates as the era of Joe that birthed them is generally not highly regarded by fans.  I however love this nod to the florescent color-changing ninja filled days of the early 90s.  Another sweet and unexpected accessory is the crazy Asian straw hat.  This thing is super cool and can be worn by any character but Snake-Eyes does look pretty goofy in it.  Red ninja looks rad wearing this bad boy.  These two accessories can now justify me going out and buying two more Red Ninja single pack figures because I can throw this head gear on them and display them as 4 unique looking ninjas.  I wish I had thought of this when I was at Toys R Us  earlier this week.  (Miguel, let me know next time you`re heading in that direction).  This wicked repaint deserves another 9 out of 10.


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