So I intended to wrap up Retaliation week on Sunday but I was enjoying being lazy far too much so I’ll wrap it up today, a day late.  I still have a few great Retaliation toys to review and a few lackluster ones too.  I didn’t get around to reviewing  any of the vehicles this past week either but I will get to them eventually.  I don’t want this site to turn into an exclusively G.I. Joe related blog, there are already plenty of those out there so tomorrow I’ll be getting back to reviewing a variety of figures.  I’ve got a guest review with my oft mentioned brother Doug coming up so make sure to watch for that.  But for today we’ve got one more Retaliation figure to focus on.  The G.I. Joe Trooper.  People tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to Joe troopers.  Cobra is an evil terrorist organization with an endless need for cannon fodder.  I’m sure they believe that there’s strength in numbers and they probably aren’t too picky when it comes to recruiting their soldiers.  The G.I. Joe team however has always been billed as an elite fighting force, recruiting only the best of the best  from the various armed forces.  Joes always have a unique codename and military specialty, they all bring something distinctive to the team.  So if that’s the case why would there be a bunch of nameless grunts running around the PIT(Joe Headquarters)?  This figure here is not the first standard Joe trooper we’ve received.  The first one was the mail-away Steel Brigade trooper back in 1987.  A repainted Frostbite became the standard Joe trooper of 2002.  Multi-packs of nameless Joe “greenshirts” were released in 2005 and 2008.  They’ve been seen in the cartoons, comic books and the movie was littered with them.  The first film actually produced a pretty cool trooper figure in the PIT Commando.  I’ve accepted the fact that the Joes have a few less than elite troopers backing them up.  I like to think that these guys have to earn the right to an individual code name before becoming official Joes.  If I had owned a few of these expendable troopers as a kid maybe Spirit would’ve lived a little longer.

So as far as Joe Troopers go how does this guy hold up?  Pretty well.  The Steel Brigade remains my favourite  generic Joe trooper but this guy’s probably second.  Previous greenshirts, like the guys in the multi-packs usually all got saddled with the exact same head with different hair colors.   Even then the head wasn’t unique to them but a rehashed noggin from a previous Joe figure.  This guy actually has his own unique face which is kinda cool.  He’s sporting a little Mohawk which used to be badass but these days is more representative of douchebaggery.  It’s cool that its unique and I’d like it on a new “name” character but for a generic trooper it’s a little too distinctive.  I would’ve preferred to see a more standard brush cut.  If I were to buy multiples of this guy, which I’m sure some collectors will, are we to believe that the whole squad of Joe recruits are D-bags?  Unfortunate.  At least Hasbro provided us with options on this figure allowing us to buy at least 3 of them without repetition.  This figure includes a gas mask which slides over the douchy melon or you can pop the head clean off and replace it with a Master Chief head.  I’m not a HALO fan and couldn’t care less about the similarities here but that may be a selling point for some fans.  The helmeted head is going to be my default display head for this guy.  He comes with a bevy of other accessories which conveniently enough can all be stored in his massive backpack.  It stores 4 pistols, the gas-mask, a shovel and two shotguns.  The trooper also comes with a cape that matches his gas-mask so I assume it’s meant to be broken out in chemical warfare situations as opposed to when he’s leaping over tall buildings in a single bound.  All in all a pretty cool figure.  7 out of 10.


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