Since starting this blog I’ve been inspired to track down old toys from my childhood that I regrettably parted with.  My review of Mark, a generic helicopter pilot lead me down a path of re-discovering all the old Fisher Price Adventure People that I once owned but had forgotten about.  My Adventure People toys were from very early on in my childhood, pre-dating most of the “name brand” toy lines that I have such a fondness for.  The only one I held onto all these years was Mark but writing his review inspired me to track down a few more Adventure People from my past.  Unfortunately replacing some of the old sets I once had was a little out of my price range.  They weren’t insanely expensive mind you but $100 is more than I want to pay for some nameless guy in a boat that I’ll spend 5 minutes reviewing before he gets chucked into a bin in the closet.  So as a consolation prize I purchased a lot of 10 loose Adventure People figures that somebody was selling on ebay for a reasonable price.  None of the figures in the set were ones I owned as a kid save for an alien figure that Doug used to have, and yet they still bring me right back to my childhood.  Before Hasbro and Mattel had me totally hooked on their toys by way of crack-like cartoons I remember being content just playing city, or whatever you want to call it.  No bad guys, or evil robots or rampaging dinosaurs, just people; like the Sims.  This is what Adventure People did, they provided a framework to just play  “normal”.    The lot of 10 figures I bought for the most part were just that, normal.  The exception being the alien.  Other than that it’s just a bunch of dudes like Bruce.

There was one other oddity in the bunch though, this little  guy whom I have dubbed Shannon.  Named after my good pal Jeff Shannon who is comparable to this guy in stature.  Lil’ Jeff  is an amazing guy and a blast to hang out with.  I don’t see Jeff much these days as he lives across the country but as far as I can tell from facebook he’s doing well, drinking lots and last I recall selling hotdogs in a hockey rink for a living.  A noble path to be sure but Shannon the action figure here had even loftier goals.  Despite the hardship of being a midget he somehow still managed become a pilot in the military.  At least that’s what I assume based on his outfit.  These figures don’t come with file cards so I’m forced to make up my own back story for each.  I’m not certain about this but I’m guessing that the military doesn’t have too many midget pilots.   If they have height restrictions on roller coasters I imagine they have them for Blackhawk helicopters too.  My dad wasn’t able to become a pilot because he was colorblind.  So how did Shannon achieve his goal?  I don’t know, maybe his father is a high ranking officer who pulled some strings.  I suppose it’s possible that this is a figure of a kid dressed as a pilot for Halloween.  Or maybe Shannon is a midget who went crazy after being rejected from flight school and now roams the streets yelling at passing traffic while wearing this outfit that he scored at an army surplus store.  That’s the great thing about Adventure People, they’re clean slates and they can go on whatever Adventure you choose, only limited by your imagination.  As I started writing this I had planned on giving this toy a lower score but after having now decided that he’s a deranged dwarf living under a freeway overpass I find him far more interesting.  6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Maybe he is a Horse Jockey or one of the members from Thunderbirds.

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