So I’m at work, busy typing away at my computer preparing yet another employment insurance file.  It may not sound like the most exciting job in the world but it’s not bad.  I’m the type of guy who tries to find the fun in whatever it is I’m doing.  Whenever cubicle life is getting me down I just pretend that I’m on an episode of “The Office” and then what was bad is now amusing.  Stuff that would normally get on my nerves like the girl in the next cubicle who is perpetually making wedding plans and fighting with her fiancé over the phone or the lady across from me who turns her desk fan on every time she farts suddenly become way less annoying when you’re on “The Office”.  Now those people are just quirky characters like Kelly and Phyllis.  When I worked in the mailroom I even had a “Dwight” that I had to work alongside every day which I never would have survived if I didn’t see the humour in it.  Every time he unleashed his unprovoked robotic snarkyness (that’s the best I can describe it, you’d have to know him) I would simply mug at the non-existent camera Jim style.  It may seem lame but it gets me through my days.  It also helps that I adorn my cubicle with fun things.  I’ve got super hero posters where co-workers have memos; and where they have pictures of loved ones on their desks I have action figures that I can fiddle with while on the phone with clients.   I’ve got a trio of Real Steel robots, select members of the Justice League, The Fantastic Four’s Thing hanging from my monitor, Storm Shadow  guarding my rolodex (yes I have one),  a President Obama doll posed with a winged Wizard of Oz monkey and a handful of other things.  One of my displays that gets a lot of attention is my plastic plant habitat for my Universal Monsters figures.  Most of my co-workers use their shelves to store thick binders and books full of legislation, I use mine to make dioramas.  The plant is home to Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolman and the Mummy. 

Now I had no intention of reviewing a work desk toy today but my computer has crashed and I just lost a half hours worth of work on the report I was just typing.  That sucks.  This has happened to me once or twice before.  There’s nothing more frustrating than having to immediately re-type what you just spent 30 minutes typing.  So while I blow off some steam and wait for my systems to reboot I figured I’d write this blog entry.  This Mummy figure is from the same line of figures as the Dracula figure I reviewed a few months ago.  The Mummy was actually the first one of these that I got which prompted me to go out and buy the rest of the set.  Having 1 of anything drives me nuts.  These figures lack the fine details that you’ve seen on many of the toys reviewed on this site (or would see if I didn’t suck so bad at taking pictures) but that’s okay, detail isn’t everything when it comes to toys.  These toys are made to look retro.  They are made using the popular MEGO style doll body which was very popular in the late 70s.   Doug and I had our fair share of Megos growing up.  They must’ve been delicate because I managed to destroy my Hulk and Robin, leaving Spock as my only original Mego.  Doug fared better as I believe he still has Spider-Man, Batman and Superman, all of which are collector’s items today.  I like the throw-back style of these monster toys.  They seem kitschy and fun.  The Mummy is probably the most boring of the 4 that I have.  His outfit is as you would imagine, just a bunch of bandages.  It’s actually more of a onesie made to look like bandages but there are a few random hanging bandages stitched on to help create the illusion of full body wrappings.   The face sculpt is actually a pretty decent Boris Karloff.  I find it even manages to convey a sadness in the eyes.  I own the Mummy movie (both the good Karloff one and the stupid Brendan Fraser one) and I’ve got to say that I never imagined the Mummy to be so green.  The film was black and white so you couldn’t really tell.  Maybe a grey would’ve worked better.  Especially because Karloff’s more famous creature portrayal, Frankenstein’s Monster is also green.  Anyway, I have two green Boris Karloffs roaming the jungle on my desk. Scary stuff.  7 out of 10.

By the way, since my Mummy figure was at work I had to use my crappy phone to take pictures.  They didn’t turn out so well so I had to jack the main pic from some other site.

My cubicle


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  1. I’ve never seen an original Mummy flick, but I think I pictured him with at least a little bandaging around the head. Still a cool retro figure.

    PS – Save more often. 30 minutes? You’re a madman.

  2. Cool set up. All I have at work are Spiderman and Joker Happy Meal toys.

    I’m not sure what happened to my Superman Mego but he’s no longer with us. I do still have my original Kirk to go with Batman and Spidey though

  3. One of my favorite movies and one of my favorite actors. I have a couple figures from this line as well. I have The Metula Mutant and The Mole People figures. I’m usually an opener but these are still in their packages. Still have to hunt down the ones you have here.

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