Doug, still a wrestling fan.

Today I shall be doing my second joint review.  A few weeks ago I had my good pal Andrew pair up with me to review She-Ra and her horse Swiftwind.  Today my big brother Doug will be helping me along in my review of the LJN wrestling figure: Junk Yard Dog.  I had asked both Andrew and Doug to select a figure that we both owned.  I had to own it obviously because the name of this blog is “mike’s collection” and they had to own it so they could talk about their memories of the figure.  Pretty basic right?  Andrew was able to follow instructions but Doug came to me telling me that he had chosen Junk Yard Dog;  a wrestling figure which I have never owned.  I appreciated him participating in this little exercise but didn’t really want to write about a toy that I didn’t own myself.  So I asked him if he could maybe pick another toy.

ah…I didn’t realize it was supposed to be something you had too.  Makes it difficult for nostalgia things since we always had different stuff.

This is true.  It wasn’t often we had the same toys because as I’ve mentioned on here plenty of times we usually split collections down the middle.  I suppose I can indulge you this one time.  So why this figure?

I picked JYD because of all our toys growing up GI Joe was always the number one collection but I’d say wrestlers were number 2…and he was the first one we had.

You know I never really ever considered wrestlers as our number 2 collection.  We were both huge wrestling fans as kids and did have a lot of figures and we did play the hell out of them but I would go with Transformers of He-Man.  Maybe that’s more of a hindsight thing.  I’m pretty over wrestling where as you still collect the figures to this day.  I do recall you getting JYD and both of us loving the big solid rubber design.  So different from anything else we were into.  Do you remember when you got him?

I got him as a birthday present from one of my friends and although we knew some about wrestling we didn’t know a whole lot back in the days in Ontario…we didn’t get our second wrestler until after we moved here.  I think it was that summer at Grampas when we moved here that really got us started on it…then having Caroline, Ken and Valerie take us to see live wrestling.

Yeah those live events really won us over.  Did you even know who JYD was when you first got that toy?  I didn’t.

No I don’t think I knew who he was when I got him. The reason I chose him for this is because his origin is specific to us….for years he was the only wrestler we had….and yet we always had these wrestling tournaments for all of our toys to participate in…from the team of Mack and Sport…to Tomax and Xamot…to JYD and Mantenna

Ha. Oh yeah, I forgot about that team up. That’s awesome. Did your love of the figure translate into a fondness for the real guy?

Well he was certainly never a regular champion in our federation….and I really only remember him in real life for his WM3 fued with Harley Race.  Once we actually got all our wrestling firgures…he just faded into the pack after that and was never a particular favourite in the wrestling universe.  But I was excited when he was made as a Classic Superstar years later..because he does have that significance.

Yeah. I never paid much attention to him. When I think of the man, I think of the figure’s face as I know it better. The chain was a pretty cool accessory too.  Did you hold onto your original JYD figure or did you have to buy him over again?

I had to buy him again….I don’t have the chain anymore. So few of them had accessories too that was really cool.  Getting rid of the original is one of those toy regrets.

Yeah, I’ve got my fair share of those.  So what do you like about this figure?

I feel he was one of the guys with one of the better poses…he had both arms out so it was prefect to make him lock up at the start of a match and pick guys up for a bodyslam….I don’t know what they were thinking of when they approved that Rick Rude pose.

Horrible Rick Rude figure

I know. I hated that Rude figure. Is JYD still alive do you know?

Nope, he died a long time ago.  Sylvester Ritter I think was his real name.

Bummer. Well R.I.P. Sylvester Ritter I guess. Do you recall any of his specific matches?

The only real match I remember him from was in Wrestlemania 3.

Wrestlemania 3 was pretty influential to us.

Yeah, Billy Jack Hayes and Hercules always had that full nelson rivalry in our federation…Andre and Hogan were bitter rivals ( although Andre never did well since the figure had that afro which reminded me of Imperious Leader….WM3 really shaped our federation.

Best Wrestlemania ever.

Exactly…Adonis vs Piper, the debut of the Barber, The Bulldogs vs the Harts….I’d be lucky if I could even name the main event alone at any other wrestle mania.  But on the topic of buying JYD and so many over again…another significant thing about the wrestlers was just how careful and meticulous we were in taking care of our toys.  So many of the figs I have since bought are in rough shape…my Slick is pretty much just a gray slab of rubber.  These toys were made for smashing together but we would use permananet marker to replace any paint chip in a boot or hair..etc etc…Despite how often they were used our guys looked great.

Now I know you still play with your wrestling toys, not physically but you play out matches in your head and records stats like a psychopath.  How is the Junk Yard Dog Classic figure faring in your league these days?

He’s still a middle of the pack guy these days…KOKO B ware drags him down as his tag tam partner.  He needs Mantenna back again I guess…I seem to recall them doing pretty decent in the original tournaments.

A reunion would be pretty sweet.  Alright well let’s wrap this up, What would you rate this figure?

I’d give him a 7 out of 10…good figure…loved the LJNs…good pose….but he looked a little too nice.

JYD vs Rick Rude in great pants


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  1. Good entry. I think JYD would look good on my car’s dashboard, don’t you think?. I also like how Doug plays out matches in his head and keeps stats. That’s being a true fan.

    • I am also amused by Doug’s record keeping of his fictional playtime. I’m also a bit jealous that he’s still playing with his toys…sort of. When I buy new toys I imagine how they’ll fit into my “story line” that never happens. Like I can’t display 2 Supermen on the same shelf unless I rationalize that 1 of them is Earth 2 Superman or something. Since they’re just standing there on display it doesn’t really matter but I like to have a story planned…just in case I play with them.
      JYD is definitely dashboard worthy. Maybe hang him from your mirror.

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