On the 15th of every month Mattycollector.com releases a new Masters of the Universe Classics figure available only through their website.  Sometimes there are a couple of new figures and sometimes there is also a previously released figure made available again for a limited time.  So it’s a pretty safe bet that at I’ll be ordering at least 1 figure each month.  I’ve been able to avoid certain months in the past because I wasn’t buying figures of characters which I already owned in the 200X era line.  I have slowly been getting more and more lax with that rule, accumulating new versions of He-Man, Skeletor, Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man and Trapjaw in recent months, all character whom I already own the 200X versions of.  In fact my Classics collection has grown in size so much in the past few months that I’m thinking I may have to box up my 200X figures to make room for the incoming Classics.  If that happens then I’ll HAVE to rebuy the rest of the characters to complete my Classics collection as I can’t have an MOTU display missing stalwarts like Man-At-Arms and Stratos.  I honestly didn’t intend to buy every figure in the Classics line but they’re just so damn cool that I’ve been sucked in deeper than I ever planned; beyond the point of no return.

Yesterday my May 15th purchases arrived in the mail.  It was a mixed bag of characters to be sure.  First there was a personal favourite of mine, Stinkor the skunk man.  I still have my vintage Stinkor as well as the 200X statue that was released but Stinkor did not receive an actual action figure in the 200X line so that was why he was a must-buy.  Next up was Slush-Head, a character introduced in the crappy short-lived New Adventures of He-Man series.  I have no attachment to this character but he looked kinda cool so I figured I’d go for it.  Lastly was the Mighty Spector, the subject of this post.  Spector is a brand new character with no pre-established ties to the continuity.  The package describes him as a time-travelling warrior loyal to the Royal family of Eternia.  I’m all for new characters being introduced into established toy lines.  Last month MOTU introduced Draego-Man who I thought was awesome.  As I stated in that post, as long as a new character matches the established look of the line and has a cool story then bring him on.  Spector’s story is as good as anybody else’s I suppose but I’m not sold on the look.  I’ve raved before about what is so great about the MOTU line is its diversity of characters.  It’s like a toy line made up of rejects from other toy lines, barbarians, dinosaurs, robots, monsters and mutants all mashed together magically.  So that being the case, how is it possible for Mattel to have created a character that seems so out of place amongst the misfits? 

Spector looks like a super hero.  The skin tight full body unitard and mask just screams “Avengers Assemble!” or more likely “West-Coast Avengers Assemble!” because if this guy was a Marvel character he would certainly be a C-lister at best.  The mask is far two reminiscent of Spider-Man.  Adding the guns and straps to the outfit doesn’t help, they just make him look like Deadpool who himself is reminiscent of Spider-Man.  I’m really not sure what Mattel was thinking with this guy, he’s kinda plain and lame and a rare miss for the Classics line.  However, that’s not to say he won’t grow on me.  The look isn’t actually bad, just too familiar.  I actually like the colors used on this character and the fact that he comes with the cosmic key as an accessory to snap onto his wrist is pretty awesome.  The cosmic key was the item of Skeletor’s desire in the ill-conceived 1987 live action Masters of the Universe film.  It’s a nice little nod to what has come before and helps to tie Spector to the mythos.  Though his look is a little hard to get used to when seeing him standing with my other MOTU figures he’s not as out of place as you might think.  The body especially is quite salvageable.  What I think I may do when displaying this guy is pop one of my extra MOTU heads on him so he doesn’t look so super heroic.  Many of the classics figures come packaged with alternate heads including my new Stinkor so finding a suitable replacement shouldn’t be hard.  Though he’s my least favourite Classics figure to date I’d still say pick him up because he ain’t that bad.  6 out of 10.

Since writing this post this afternoon I have decided to display Spector with his original head.  None of my extras look as good as I was hoping and this figure has already grown on me some more in the meantime.  Let’s bump him up to a 6.5


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