I’ve reviewed a couple of Spider-Man figures on this site but I don’t believe I’ve reviewed the real deal yet.  I’ve reviewed the Scarlet Spider who is a clone of the original Spider-Man and I’ve reviewed Iron Spider-Man who is technically a clone of another super hero entirely who just happens to be running around in a pair of Spidey’s old pajamas.  With his new movie due out in a matter of weeks I figured now would be a good time to review the one true Peter Parker:Spider-Man.   Deciding to review an action figure of the one-true Spider-Man though is not as easy as grabbing the figure and snapping some pics.  First I have to decide which figure to review.  Clones and alternate reality Spider-Men aside I still have dozens of Spider-Man figures to choose from.  I used to have far more than that but I sold about 50 of them off to a local comic shop during a spring cleaning session a couple of years ago.  I used to collect ridiculous Spider-Man figures for the sheer sake of having nothing better to spend my money on.  I sought out the stupidest Spider-Man outfits and variations I could find.  These days I hardly ever part with anything , especially toys but I remember looking at my tub full of retarded Spider-Men and thinking “why do I have all of these?”  I was actually considering throwing them out as most were too goofy to even hand down to my nephews.  My pal Trevor suggested  we haul them down to Monster’s Comic Lounge to see if we could get a couple bucks for them.  To my surprise they gave me $100 for the Spider-Men and a handful of other random figures.  It was a fraction of what I paid for the damn things but it was better than nothing.  After this purging, my collection only contained a select few Spider-Men, what I considered to be the cream of the crop. 

This is one of those creamy Spider-Men.  This figure isn’t perfect but it’s a pretty good representation of the ol’ webhead.  The first thing you notice about this figure is the bright colors.  Most Spider-Men toys are red and blue but I don’t think I’ve ever seen another one quite this bright.  He looks like he stepped right out of a cartoon or like he’s made out of candy.  I really like the detailed sculpting of this figure as well.  Most Spidey’s have the web pattern painted in black over top of the red costume.  With this figure the webbed pattern is actually sculpted directly into the figure.  That way the webbed look can still be seen and felt but no black paint is required to make them stand out.  The lack of black webbing probably has a lot with this figures brightness.  The textured costume also makes the costume feel slightly padded and more protective than a simple spandex unitard would be.  I also really like the size of the eyes on this figure which can be a tough thing to get right with Spidey.  Most artists back in the early days like Ditko and Romita drew Spider-Man with eyes on his mask about the size of normal human eyes.  It wasn’t until the late 80s/early 90s that artists started exaggerating the look with large oversized eyes.  Some artists would go overboard with the eyes taking up half of the mask.  I think this figure captures a look somewhere in-between the classic and the exaggerated.  If there is one downside with this figure it would be his articulation.  He’s very stiff, like a Star Wars figure.  Previous Spider-Man figures have been loaded with up to 30 points of articulation.  I think that’s a little excessive as too many joints tend to detract from the aesthetic of the figure; I don’t need every toe and finger of a figure to move separately.  For an agile acrobatic character like Spider-man though this rigidness is inexcusable.  It’s a good play piece for really young kids as the lack of moving parts makes him pretty durable.  But for a kid that wants to have Spidey swinging from the curtains or a collector that wants to display him in a dynamic pose this figure is only okay.  6 out of 10.


I find this figure reminiscent of a particular artist’s drawing style though I’m not sure who exactly.  Maybe long time “Web of Spider-Man” artist Alex Saviuk



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  1. is this from marvel universe?

  2. Christopher Duran

    Hey can you tell me were i could find this particular action figure, I want to buy it for my brother.

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