My last few Battle Beast posts have all been about figures that I recently acquired as I work towards completing my collection  As of my last post I needed just two more.  Well I have since purchased the lizard, leaving the penguin as the only hole in my collection;  I’ll track him down soon enough.  Since my last Battle Beast post there’s been some exciting Battle Beast news, the Beasts will soon be returning to store shelves.  In fact two different brands of Battle Beasts will be arriving soon.  IDW is launching a 4 issue Battle Beast comic which as far as I can tell features brand new characters and a brand new back story.  Diamond Select Toys will be releasing a series of Battle Beast figures featuring the characters from the new comic.  The toys themselves will be based off of their mini-mate figure body type.  I’ll hold my judgement until I see them but I’m not thrilled with the idea of Battle Beasts being constructed out of Mini-mates.  Mini-mates are generally blocky lego style figures.  The more exciting Battle Beast news came out of Asia where a new game called Beast Saga is being released featuring more traditional style Battle Beast figures as game pieces.  In place of the old school rub symbols, the new Beast Saga figures will have dice in their chest to be used during game play.  I’m super stoked about these figures but don’t know too much about them at this point.  BigBadtoystore currently as the figures available for pre-order, expected to arrive in the fall.  I have of course pre-ordered all that they have available.

upcoming NEW Battle Beasts!!!

As exciting as it’s been hearing about the release of new figures and completing my vintage collection I thought that today I’d talk about a figure that I actually have some history with:  Sly Fox; or as I knew him growing up, Battle Fox.  I guess if I had to choose I would say that Battle Fox is my favorite Battle Beast.  It’s actually kind of an odd choice for me.  I’ve always been an animal lover, some of my favorite animals being Rhinos, Hippos, Armadillos and Squids.  I have Battle Beast versions of all of those things.  I probably wouldn’t rank foxes in even my top 50 favorite animals if I was to make such a list.  Other Battle Beast figures that I’ve reviewed like the Rhino, have big cool weapons like claws and hooks in place of their hands, Battle Fox has no such enhancements.  As far as his armor goes, Fox is one of the few Beasts to wear white armor and the design is kinda plain when compared to some of the other armors.  Plus, even though I named him Battle Fox I was never 100% sure if he was even supposed to be a fox as the face is non-distinct, his fur color is pretty common, and his tail is a little stub instead of what you’d think would be a big bushy distinct white-tipped fox tail.  So how on earth did this guy become my favorite Beast?  Well he was the first one I got, one of them at least. 

For Easter one year I received two Battle Beast 2 packs and my brother Brian got one.  He got the Buffalo and the Bear, I got the Rhino and the Ram as well as the Fox and the Bat.  I had seen the commercials for Battle Beasts on TV and was instantly intrigued.  I asked Mom and Dad to get me some for Easter without any specific figure in mind.  Once in hand the figures surpassed my expectations.  The fact that they came in packs of two was an obvious plus and also it seemed like some thought was put into the pairings.  No indications of good or bad or even names were provided by the manufacturer, it was all up to me.  With every two pack I got I chose one Beast to be a good guy and one to be a bad guy and those two forever remained arch enemies amidst the larger struggle of the warring factions.  With the first 6 figures I assigned the Rhino and the Ram as the leaders of the two teams and their characterizations were similar to that of Optimus Prime and Megatron.  Brian’s figures, the Bear and the Buffalo became the strong men and second in command, generals basically.  That left the Fox and the Bat to be the first of the front line soldiers.  Fox became a mix of Spider-Man and Snake-Eyes.  He was quick on his feet and quick-witted as well.  He was a skilled fighter and acrobat.  Fox and Bat both seemed like good candidates for spies as well so they held that role too.    He carried so much of the weight of Battle Beast play being fun that I literally projected everything cool I could think of onto him;  strong, fast, funny, skilled swordsman, stealthy, and smart.  As I got more and more Beasts the ranks swelled with new personalities and specialties but none were as cool as Fox because none of them needed to be.  New figures became higher ranked than Fox but none were more respected amongst the troops.  This tiny little figure with the devilish smirk who’s paint is rubbing off and who only has two points of articulation is one of my favorite toys ever.  10 out of 10.


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  1. the fox is also my favorite but you know it a girl BB!!

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