<Please note: I originally had this post labelled as “Yellow Robot” until a reader pointed me towards a wikipedia page that identifies him as Braiger.  As I suspected he played a vital role in a Japanese anime series about a transforming robot who policed the solar system. I’ve added the two new color pics but the rest of the post is as was originally written>

The is one of those strange nameless toys that I’ve kept with me for almost as long as I can remember.  I say almost because I have very faint memories of when I first got this toy.  I don’t recall where he came from but I seem to remember playing with him on the car ride home from wherever it was that we were.  If I had to guess at the origins of this toy I’d say that he came from some dollar store or maybe even a gumball machine but he seems like he may have been a little too big to cram into one of those bubbles; perhaps when disassembled.  There have been a few other of my old toys that I knew nothing about before sitting down to write their review, but a quick google search provided me with some interesting history on a few of them.  As far as this guy goes I could find nothing.  Yellow Robot. Vending Machine Robot. Break- Apart Robot. Assemble Robot.  Dollar Store Robot. Bubble-Gum Robot.  Gashapon Robot…nothing.  I discovered all kinds of cool pics of little vending machine robots but nothing resembling this guy.  Doug was at my side as usual when I got this toy.  He got one also except his was blue with yellow wings, the opposite of mine.  The design of his robot was more sleek and less boxy.  I googled Blue Break-Apart Vending Machine Robot as well but still no luck.  Maybe there’s nothing to know.  Maybe some crappy vending machine company whose long since gone out of business whipped up a few plastic robots and threw them in a machine and that was that.  There’s something about the design of these things though that makes me think otherwise.  They both were so different in style, both cool looking and both very reminiscent of the type of robots you see in Japanese Anime.  I can’t help but think that maybe they’re from a line of robots based on various old Anime cartoons.   These things just seemed to be of better quality than your typical dollar store junk. 

Yes I realize he’s a dinky, solid yellow vending machine toy but he’s of quality stuff as far as dinky vending machine toys goes.  These designs, if blown up and painted, would blend in just fine amongst more famous robots like Voltron or Mazinger Z.   This nameless little robot could possibly be based on a super well-known property from Japan that I’m just nor familiar with.   They have so many famous robots over there though that I wouldn’t even know how to begin trying to find out who he is.  Clearly I need some Japanese friends. 

The figure itself is pretty cool for what it is.  The plastic is thick and sturdy.  For a figure so small there’s lots of little details in the design.  The head is one of the more detailed parts.  It’s got this weird half human kinda vibe to it with a mouth and eyes.  Doug’s robot had a head more like Optimus Prime.  Doug’s guy’s wings were also much more like a jet pack akin to the Rocketeers.  My guy’s blue wings are thin with a net little design sculpted into them.  There are no real moving parts on this figure but the fact that he breaks apart gives him some movement at the joints.  His head can turn and his arms can swing but some leg movement would have been nice.  He snaps apart into 7 pieces and they can be assembled in whatever shape you desire but anything other than his standard assembly just looks dumb.  I could’ve swapped pieces with Doug’s robot but we didn’t do much of that.  The swap-ability factor might have been a fun feature if I had owned a bunch of these guys in various colors.  This toy is one of those odd little pieces that struck a chord with me as a kid and I have held onto it ever since.  I’ve gotten rid of Transformers toys that probably cost my parent $50 and yet this little robot that would’ve cost them a quarter remains in my collection, go figure.    7 out of 10.


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  1. I’m pretty sure we got these on a trip to the old race track flea market.

  2. I have a red robot with a yellow rocket pack, Japan on the back and very similar to that one you have. Got it way back in the 80s but cannot remember when but always kept it. No idea what it is.

  3. I have at least 5 figures like this. One is of GoShogun. He’s red, with blue “wings”. I also have this figure, two more yellow and one blue. I’m not sure what the robots are. (I was only able to figure out GoShogun after extensive googling of anime mecha) Did you ever find anything else about these? I feel like I got them in the mid 80’s, but I have no idea where. I’ve always wanted to know more about them. I suspect they were some sort of Japanese vending machine toy, or perhaps similar to those small boxed toys you can buy today where you purchase the box without knowing what toy is inside? They must have then been clearanced out to some American chain discount store like Railroad Salvage or Amazin that my parents used to frequent when I was little.

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