HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  That’s right it’s July 1 which is a national holiday here in Canada that celebrates the birth of our fine country.  I will be spending my Canada Day drinking a few beers and then heading down to the waterfront for a free concert and fireworks.  Mother Mother is playing tonight, a quirky Canadian talent whom I recommend you check out.  Before the beer starts flowing I thought I would post  a review of one of the most Canadian toys in my collection: Guardian.  The Heroes Force figures would have been an even more appropriate choice perhaps but I’ve already covered them.  Feel free to check out that review for more Canadian goodness.

Guardian is the leader of the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight in the Marvel Universe.  Well, he’s the leader most of the time, when he’s alive.  This guys has died and been resurrected more times than Resurrection Man.  Guardian was a Canadian scientist who built an exo-skeleton battle suit which gave him the powers of super-strength and flight and the ability to shoot blasts of energy from his hands.  One of the times he died his wife Heather donned the suit and bore the name Guardian in his place.  When he returned he let her keep the name and he became Vindicator.  He’s also gone by the name Weapon Alpha.  I think Guardian is currently alive but last I checked a different dude was wearing the costume and leading a new team called Omega Flight.

I’ll be honest, even though between Doug and I we read practically the entire Marvel Universe at one point, neither of us ever got into Alpha Flight.  I’ve tried in the past and have a handful of issues but it just wasn’t that good.  The characters were ridiculous stereo-types.  The team was made up up a guy wearing our flag like long underwear, a midget in black tights named puck, a Sasquatch, an indian shaman, and an inuit Goddess that could transform into only Canadian creatures like snow owls.  They sucked.

And yet it’s hard to not feel Patriotic when you see Guardian in this costume.  He’s the closest thing we’ve got to our very own Captain America.  Well that is with the exception perhaps of Captain Canuck, another Canadian super-hero with a very similar costume.  This figure is pretty nice overall but it does have some articulation issues.  I find it hard to have him stand naturally with the way his arms are sculpted and designed.  He’s stuck with his arms jutting out like a juiced up body builder.  The paint apps are really nice here.  The red is metallic and it really pops.  The white has a grayish-blue wash overtop which brings out the muscle detail in the sculpt.  For a C-list character I’m glad he found his way into the Marvel Universe line and sucky or not I hope the rest of Alpha Flight is eventually released as well.  7 out of 10.


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