HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!  Just a few days after our Canada Day celebrations here in the great white north our southern neighbors are celebrating their own national holiday.  A good number of my site visits come from the U.S. of A. so I figured I should pay them a similar courtesy as I paid to my fellow Canadians on July 1st.  On Canada Day I reviewed Guardian, a Canadian super-hero who proudly runs around the country in our flag so the obvious choice for a 4th of July figure review would be Captain America who runs around in their flag.  However I already reviewed Capt not that long ago and I’ve even previously reviewed the Patriot, another American flag waving  do-gooder.  Luckily the States have no shortage of National pride and there are literally dozens of characters who wear the red, white and blue.  So for this post I’ve decided to review another shield throwing yank, the U.S. Agent.

Now U.S. Agent isn’t actually wearing the red, white and blue but he’s close enough.  The origins of this character stem from a storyline that took place in 1986, just a few years after Doug and I got into collecting comics.  Steve Rogers, the defrosted WWII hero was fired from his role of Captain America by the US government over some silly dispute.  A new soldier was hired in Steve’s place, one who would follow orders without question,  John Walker.  John inherited the red, white and blue and became the governments brutal, unquestioning lapdog.  Steve meanwhile didn’t want to stop fighting the good fight so he donned this black costume and became the unsanctioned crime fighter known only as the Captain.  After the story resolved itself Steve regained his rightful role as Captain America and John Walker took over the identity Steve had created while off the grid.  Only when John took over he dubbed himself the U.S. Agent. 

U.S. Agent served as a member of the Avengers, Force Works and oddly enough even the Canadian super-team Omega Flight.  In a  battle against Scourge during the seige of Asgard he lost an arm and a leg.   Bummer.  Stubborn as a mule John Walker refused to retire from  keeping the peace and even though he was in a wheel chair and had a hook for a hand he took on the position of Warden of the Raft, a prison for super-villains.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one day John is somehow miraculously able to walk again, equipped with a cybernetic hand and ready to leap into action as the U.S. Agent once again but for now this figure represents a happier time in the life of Mr. Walker (I just realized that his name is kind of ironic now)

I think this is a great figure of U.S. Agent.  he’s a bit bulkier and a bit meaner looking than Captain America which is appropriate as John has always been portrayed as a brute.  The costume looks great with perfect tones of red and black and the articulation is the standard we’ve come to expect from the Marvel Universe figures which is good.  He comes with a shield accessory as no Captain America knock-off is complete without one.  The Agent  is the type of character you wouldn’t normally expect would make the cut in an action figure line.  Thankfully the Captain America movie line (a spin off from the main Marvel Universe line) allowed the Hasbro designers to focus on some Captain America specific characters for a couple of waves allowing for the inclusion of guys like U.S. Agent and Crossbones who may never have found their way into the main line.  Hopefully a Captain America sequel will spawn more figures of unlikely toy candidates from Cap’s supporting cast like Diamondback and other members of the Serpent Society.  7 out of 10.

U.S. Agent from the Marvel Handbook. I used to have binders full of these loose character bios.


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