I gotta tell ya, Halifax is a pretty great town for being a nerd.   For a city as small as it is we have not 1, not 2, but 3 excellent comic shops.  Just up the street from my work is Strange Adventures.  I’ve been a loyal shopper there since high school, about half my lifetime now.  It’s a great store with great staff and great selection.  It actually appeared in an issue of Superman years ago when a fan (my pal Sean a.k.a. Wordburglar) won a contest by writing a brief essay as to why Strange Adventures was the absolute best comic shop.  Sean beat out all other entries in North America (maybe beyond, not sure) and so Sean, Strange’s owner Cal and his dog, and the shop itself all appeared in the Superman book.  And not some bulls**t promotional book either but an actual in continuity issue.  They have unbelievable sales on a regular basis, provide Christmas gifts to regular customers and have done me a number of personal favours in the past.  Strange Adventures is the place to beat.  A sizable part of my toy collection has been purchased there.  http://www.strangeadventures.com/

Secondly there’s The Monster Comic Lounge.  When I was a little kid my Dad would drive Doug and I into the city every now and then to make a visit to Wilkie’s Wonderful World of Comics.  It was a good size shop and they carried items that our local suburban shop, The Cardboard Jungle, didn’t have.  It was a treat to go in there but the place was a disorganized mess.  More than once we asked the clerk if he had a particular issue and he would say, “it’s in there somewhere” as he pointed towards the stacks of long boxes in seemingly random order.  Frustrating.  More than a decade ago now a friend of a friend of mine purchased Wilkie’s.  In the years since the purchase he has since moved locations and changed the name.  It’s the biggest shop in town and the staff is super cool.  They’ve made great strides in getting organized when you consider the mess they inherited but they still have work to do.  (That’s right Mike, I’m calling you out.  Find that box of Masters of the Universe figures already) I’ve made a fair amount of toy purchases there as well.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monster-Comic-Lounge/137635836248178

The newest kid on the block is Giant Robot Comics.  Now technically they’re located in Dartmouth across the bridge but it’s still considered part of the Halifax Regional Municipality so whatever.  I first heard of this shop from my brother Doug who works in Dartmouth.  He would pop over there on his lunch breaks occasionally and he’d give me a heads up when he saw something that he thought might interest me.  It was a Comic-Con exclusive Sgt. Slaughter figure that he spotted one day that forced me to make my first expedition over to what we in Halifax refer to as the dark-side.  The shop is relatively small but very organized and easy to browse.  Giant Robot quickly won me over with their large selection of loose figures available for sale and displayed in large glass cabinets.  For months now I’ve been filling holes in various collections and picking up oddities thanks to Giant Robot.  Plus the owner gave me a good deal on the Sgt. Slaughter when I was a total stranger so kudos on the customer service. http://www.giantrobotcomics.com/

I should mention that there is actually a fourth shop in downtown Halifax called Quantum Frontier but their focus is more on role-playing games than anything else.  Check them out if that’s what your into. 

Today’s toy was one of those loose figures I purchased at Giant Robot Comics.  By loose I simply mean used and out of the package for those of you not in the know.  I realize most people reading a toy blog know this stuff but my Mom does read this occasionally and has no idea what I’m talking about most of the time.  By the way, I apologize to you if you googled “Burning Gundam” and ended up reading this entire post about Halifax Comic shops that you’ll never visit but I do appreciate you making it this far.  The reason I chose this post to ramble is because as I’ve said in past Gundam posts I have very little to say about these toys, I just think they look cool.  I didn’t even know this guy’s name when I bought him.  I just googled Gundam with orange hand and  was informed that he is known as either God Gundam or Burning Gundam and is piloted by a Japanese pilot in the series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.  I believe this figure is actually a kit that the original owner would have had to assemble themselves as opposed to a straight up action figure.  These days the model kits seem more readily available than the action figures but this is the first one that I’ve added to my collection.  Once assembled you wouldn’t really know the difference anyway, if anything this guy is better than the other figures I have.  He’s a little taller and has all kinds of articulation.  I love the crisp white plastic used on this guy, most of my other “white” Gundams look closer to grey than white when placed next to this guy.  I really like the design and color palette of this Gundam and it wasn’t until I started to fiddle with him before writing this review that I discovered he has more moving parts than I originally thought.  His chest opens up and his calves split open and god knows what else.  A great looking toy with tons of posability.  8 out of 10.


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