When it comes to my Battle Beasts I’ve already told you that the Fox is my favorite.  Many of the other early ones I got would make my top 5 as well like the Rhino, the Ram and the Bat.  Gold medals for those guys.  Some of my least favorites of the series are the polar bear and the dolphin.  Nothing against those two species’ but the figures weren’t the best.  Bronze medals.  The lobster here would be one of the 80 other figures tied for the silver medal. Of the Battle Beast released in America nearly all of them were pretty rad and thus quite hard to rank.

Battle Lobster (as I’ve always called him) has got lots of things going for him.  For one he’s a lobster.  Lobsters are cool looking.  I still can’t walk by the tank in the grocery store without gazing in with wonder like I’m at Sea World.  They just look so freaky and kinda gross and alien and they have giant claws and antennas , what’s not to like.  Supposedly they’re delicious too but I’ll pass on that.  I’m not a seafood guy, especially when that seafood is a bottom dwelling shit gobbling ocean bug.

I hail from Nova Scotia Canada, one of the biggest lobster destinations in the world.  When you visit my city, gift shops are filled with lobster shirts, hats, pencils, keychains and all kinds of other crap.  I think it makes for a nifty mascot, I just have no interest in eating the buggers.  I remember being at my Grandmother’s house for a big family gathering many years ago and lobster was being served.  My grandmother had set a lobster down on the kitchen floor to crawl around so that I could “play” with him.  It was probably the first time I had ever seen one out of a tank and I just thought he was soooo cool.  So after giving me just enough time to bond with my new 8-legged friend he was snatched from me and thrown into a pot to be boiled alive before being devoured by my family.  I was so distraught by this that the next day my mom had to go out to one of those gift shops to buy me a rubber lobster toy to get me to quit sulking.  It worked.  While I no longer have that rubber lobster it did help get me through the difficult grieving process.

Many years after the release of the Battle Beast figures I discovered online that they all had individual names.  Most turned out to be silly alliterative names like Rocky Rhino or Danger Dog.  When it comes to this guy I have no idea where the name Zaraganian comes from.  I think he may have the strangest name out of all the beasts.

One thing that makes this guy different from previous Battle Beasts I’ve reviewed is that Battle Lobster is from the 4th series of figures known as Laser Beasts or Shadow Warriors.  Unlike the previous 3 waves of figures, this series had a clear plastic orb in their chest in place of the heat sensitive sticker.  You had to hold Laser Beasts up to the light and peer into the orb to discover which clan the beast belonged to.  I prefer the look of the sticker but unfortunately many of my stickers have peeled off and been lost over time.  The Laser Beasts are easier to keep in good condition as their emblems cannot be misplaced.

I love the colors used on this guy.  Though lobsters don’t usually roam around bright red until after a serious boiling it does tend to be the color they’re known for.  I think it looks stellar here though a black variant would’ve been sweet too.  The textured claws and legs show a great attention to detail.  I think the armor looks great and has an appropriately aquatic look to it.  The baby blue with orange highlights looks awesome against the red.  And just look at the side angle of that face.  The sculptors really nailed the look of this creature.  The slicked back antennas and extra arms on the shoulders really help to make this a unique figure.  8 out of 10.



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