This isn’t going to sound very good but I haven’t had much time to work on my blog lately because I’m on vacation.  You see most days I type up my blog at work during my downtime.  A lot of what I do means waiting for people to return my calls so when I have a minute or two I start up a new blog entry which I email to myself at the end of the day.  Then when I get home it doesn’t take me long at all to paste the text from my email to here and to add some pictures.  Well I’m on day 5 of 16 days off in a row right now.  I took 2 weeks off to do absolutely nothing.  That’s not entirely true, I intended to get a lot of writing done over my vacation.  Only I’m focusing on my screenwriting hobby as opposed to my blogging hobby.  The weather has been fantastic here the last little while and it’s hard enough to force myself to stay in and write my screenplay when I could be out on a patio drinking beers with friends.  It’s even harder to sit here and type up blog entries.  Vanessa is out with some of our co-workers enjoying patio beers as I type this.  But devoted nerd and blogger that I am, I’m forcing myself to sit here and write this before going and getting drunk.  Blog posts rarely get successfully written and posted after I’ve been drinking no matter how many times I’ve intended to do so.

original 1987 version

So in honor of my vacation I’ve decided to review the G.I. Joe who looks like he’s always on vacation, Chuckles.  Chuckles is the Joe’s undercover operative and he was first introduced into the line in 1987.  That’s when the first figure came out, when he first showed up in the Marvel comic and when he was introduced in the G.I. Joe animated movie.  I did not care for him in any format.  Doug owned the figure and treated him respectfully enough.  Had I been the one who owned him Chuckles probably would have been one of my first casualties in any battle.  First off, I thought the figure looked old and he had this really weird expression on his face.  He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and green khakis, not the coolest of attire.  In the cartoon he was portrayed as a big musclebound lunk and there was no mention of his undercover skills.  There was nothing I found memorable about his comic book appearances either.





I never owned a Chuckles figure until 2009 when this third version of the character was included in the “Assault on Cobra Island” 7 pack.  The set was a must have item because the 25th anniversary series was drawing to a close to make room on shelves for the movie product coming out that same year, and it contained 7 essential Joes that hadn’t yet been released in the new style.  Chuckles was the worst of the bunch.  Mostly because this figure is such a good homage to the lackluster original.  He still has the cheesy Hawaiian shirt and he still has an odd expression on his face, this one is less confused looking than the original but more pervy.  He still has his shoulder holstered gun and he also includes a briefcase with a concealed gun.  I like the inclusion of the briefcase as it’s the first accessory that any version of Chuckles has come with that hints at his supposed top secret undercover work.  I think Chuckles would have benefitted from coming with a removable cobra helmet or something similar to the Joes of the Spy Troops era.

Prior to 2009 I wouldn’t have really cared if they ever made a new Chuckles figure, I only would’ve wanted him to complete the team but he never seemed essential.  However in 2009 comic company IDW gave Chuckles the starring role in his own mini series called G.I. Joe: COBRA.  In this series Chuckles was sent undercover to infiltrate this growing terrorist threat which was still operating from the shadows at the time.  This series was so f**king cool and presented Chuckles as such a bad ass that it made this figure essential.  If this figure, mediocre as it may be, hadn’t been included in the 7-pack I’m sure I’d be clamoring for a new Chuckles figure.  I’d still like an updated version of the character one day with a better head and a more covert look but this is an alright figure of a now great character.  Go pick up G.I. Joe: COBRA by IDW pronto.  6 out of 10.


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