When McFarlane Toys first started making action figures they focused mostly on Spawn figures.  Makes sense since Todd McFarlane created both Spawn and the toy company.  After  he had mastered his craft with his own creations he expanded into doing a variety of licensed toy lines.  McFarlane toys produced figures for properties such as The Simpsons, Danger Girl, Movie Maniacs, Sleepy Hollow, Austin Powers, and they did a variety of original lines as well.  One of the licensed properties they took a stab at was Ultima Online, an apparently very popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG.  I may be a comic nerd and a toy nerd and a movie nerd and probably a few other types but one thing I’m not is a gaming nerd.  I never got into it.  I remember early role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons from my youth but they never held any appeal to me.  I even had a Marvel Universe role playing game but could never be bothered to learn how to play it.  It amazes me how popular they are to this day.  I can’t go into most of my local comic shops without fighting my way through a crowd of geeks salivating over the latest Magic cards.  To each their own I guess.

McFarlane released 6 figures based on Ultima Online in 2002.  Normally these things wouldn’t be on my radar but I am a toy collector and a cool toy is a cool toy.  I didn’t care for the other 5 figures but this guy caught my eye when he showed up the comic store shelves.  He didn’t look like any other toy I had and so I had to have him.

I have no idea at all about the source material that he’s based on so I can’t talk much about that.  I did google him before writing this to see what his video game counter-part actually looked like and I gotta say the McFarlane guys did a pretty good job on this figure.  The colors and proportions are right on but the details are amped on the action figure.  The face is super creepy with a mummified look to it.  The paint apps make him appear old and rusty  just like the video game version.  There’s a ton of wires and hoses on the figure as well which helps to sell this creature as something that could actually exist in a real world.  Things like the wire grill on his shoulder mounted light show the McFarlane sculptors attention to even the tiniest detail.  One downside of this figure is that because his bottom half is a giant wheel he doesn’t stand up straight on his own.  There was a small clear plastic “crutch” included with him to make him easier to display but I find it falls out of place fairly easily and the figure ends up on his side.  7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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