I have a little bit of time to kill before a two hour block of Chef Ramsey cooking shows consumes my evening so I figured I’d throw up a quick review.  Amazing Spider-Man disappointingly fell out of the number one box office spot this past weekend, being surpassed by the fourth film in the Ice Age franchise.  Spidey still pulled in good numbers to come in second but it does come as a surprise that Spider-Man was only able to hang onto the top spot for it’s debut weekend.  Spidey’s teammates The Avengers held the number one spot for 3 solid weeks earlier this summer.  I’m not sure how high Amazing Spider-Man will rank by the end of the summer but I hope it is not regarded as a failure.  Even though I didn’t absolutely love it I would like to see the franchise continue on without another senseless reboot.

Box office drop aside, it seems likely that we’ll get a sequel starring the same cast because overall the reviews for Amazing Spider-Man have been positive.  Most people I know either liked it or loved it.  Almost everyone I talk to seems to agree that it’s superior to the past 3 films if nothing else.  A lot of people tend to bash the Tobey Maguire films nowadays and some criticisms are definitely justified but overall I still really enjoy those films.  Yes, even number 3.  Rotton Tomatoes currently has the films ranked as follows: Spider-Man  89%, Spider-Man 2  93%,  Spider-Man 3  63%, Amazing Spider-Man 74% so I guess I’m not the only one who still likes bit of corny fun. 

This figure is based on the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire.  This is my favorite figure from that line.  I also have a Spider-Man in his standard costume which is fine but nothing special;  plus a movie version Green Goblin as portrayed by Willem Dafoe.   The Goblin figure is a good representation of what was an absolutely terrible costume.  The line also produced a really nice figure of Peter Parker in his civilian clothes which I love.  I would award best figure in the line to this figure because it is the best of three worlds.  It works as a Peter figure, a rookie Spider-Man and a veteran Spider-Man.  It covers all stages of the characters evolution through the entire film.

First off there’s Peter.  This figure has a stellar face sculpt which is immediately recognizable as Tobey in the forlorn role of Peter Parker.  The clothes obviously don’t work great as a strictly Peter figure but that’s why you go buy the civilian Peter figure I mentioned earlier.  This figure includes an excellently constructed rubber mask that fits perfectly over Peter’s face to recreate his look from the amateur wrestling scenes in the movie.  The paint job on the rubber sweater looks pretty close to what we see in the film.  Next up you can actually peel off the sweatshirt and jogging pants and underneath is a fully clothed Spider-Man costume.  This provides you with a rare but desirable unmasked Spidey.  As cool as that is fortunately the toy comes with a second rubber mask which covers Peter’s entire head creating a perfect standard Spider-Man figure.

So regardless of what you feel about the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films I don’t think that you can dispute that the movies provided us with some excellent action figures. 9 out of 10.


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