A few posts ago I reviewed Chuckles, the Joe team’s go-to under cover agent.  Well today I’m covering their other top-secret infiltrator, Agent Faces.  Faces is a master impersonator with an uncanny ability to mimic any subject after only a few minutes of observation. The character was created to basically be the Joe’s answer to Cobra’s Zartan.  The first version of Faces was released in 2003 during the new sculpt era in a 2-pack with his Cobra counterpart.  In was a cool pairing, Zartan came with two masks to allow him to impersonate high ranking Joes and Faces came with two masks enabling him to impersonate members of Cobra’s inner circle.  I  passed on that pack though for a few reasons.  One:  I never saw it anywhere.  I could’ve ordered it off ebay if I really wanted it but chose not to.  Had I seen it in a store I may have caved.  Two:  I already had a Zartan figure pretty much identical to the one included in the 2-pack.  And Three:  A more intriguing Faces figure was released almost immediately afterwards.

Version One. pic lifted from





The original Faces was rather bland looking.  His outfit was boring and it highlighted the proportion issues with the figure.  It looked like he was wearing a mini half jacket which is in no way cool.  The one thing I did like about the figure was his head sculpt.  He had a unique face with black hair brushed forward and flat, a look that could have been the result of wearing latex masks all day.  He also had a full goatee, a facial hair choice not too many Joes have gone with.  The second version of Agent Faces was released as a mail-away exclusive.  I’m unsure of the details on how you ordered this guy from Hasbro as that’s not the way I got mine.  I scored this guy on ebay as I did most of my new sculpt era Joes.  This version has Faces in a Crimson Guard uniform as he was seen wearing in the computer animated Spy Troops movie.  The Crimson Guard are one of Cobra’s most iconic and recognizable troopers.  The first Crimson Guard was released in 1985 and they have been released 14 times since.  They are known as Cobra’s elite troopers and ironically enough they specialize in undercover operations.

This version of Agent Faces avoids all the body issues of the original by simply using the body of the already released Crimson Guard figure.  It makes sense that Hasbro would go this route because if you want this guy to blend in undetected amongst the other Crimson Guards why would you give him a uniform thats any different than theirs?  The only thing really differentiating this figure from the standard Crimson Guard figure is the head.  It features Agent Faces goatee’d flat haired face but comes with a Crimson Guard helmet allowing him to complete his disguise.  With his helmet on and with his shotgun in hand he’s nearly undetectable in a crowd of Crimson Guardsmen. 

One odd choice they made with this figure was instead of using the unique head of version one, they painted black hair and a black goatee on a Duke head for this second version.  It doesn’t look bad but still seems like a strange decision.  I assume this head fit the CG helmet better. 

I think this is a pretty cool figure.  It provides you with an under cover Joe agent or if you want to slap on his helmet you can simply use him as another Crimson Guard army builder.  I find it unlikely that we’ll receive a modern sculpt version of Agent Faces anytime soon so enjoy this one, one of the good but forgotten new characters introduced during the new sculpt days.  7 out of 10.

Yes, I realize he’s easily detectable here but to be fair I’ve displayed him with modern sculpt Crimson Guards. He blends in perfectly with Crimson Guards of his era.


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