I apologize True Believers for my extended absence.  It has been a solid 5 days since I’ve posted anything which is my longest break from posting since starting this blog 7 months ago.  I’ve tried very hard to maintain a daily or at least every second-day  (bi-daily?) posting schedule to make sure you guys keep coming back for more new content.  I have no excuse for the past week other than to say I was on vacation and had better things to do.   Sorry about that.

I shall make it up to you today by reviewing a figure of one of my favorite Green Lanterns: Soranik Natu.  I’m sure some of you might be wondering who this is.  Some of you may even be wondering what I mean by “one of” my favorite Green Lanterns.  Unless you’re a comic nerd you most likely didn’t know there was more than one Green Lantern, well at least not until you saw that shitty Ryan Reynolds movie.  As you saw in the film there are actually thousands of Green Lanterns.  Enough to protect the 3600 charted sectors of space in pairs.  Soranik is the Green Lantern of sector 1417, the sector that contains her home planet of Korugar.  Hal Jordan, the most popular Lantern and the one played by Reynolds is the Green Lantern of  sector 2814 which contains Earth if you were curious.

The Green Lantern Corps had existed for millions of years before they recruited Hal Jordan into their ranks.  The Green Lantern Corps consists of aliens, from countless planets, whom all share the trait of strength of will.  Will power is what powers their green rings.   When a Lantern dies the ring finds a worthy successor to take their place.  Hal inherited his ring from the the deceased alien Abin Sur.  Jordan became the greatest Lantern of all time.  That is until he went crazy and killed nearly every last one of the other Corps members.  That particular story line from 1994 ended with Hal’s death.  After that clusterf**k there was only one lone Green Lantern left to patrol the entire universe, Kyle Rayner.  Kyle held his own for 10 years before DC Comics decided to resurrect Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.  This task was given to a young comic book super scribe Geoff Johns.  In 2004 he wrote a mini series called Green Lantern: Rebirth which brought Hal back to life and explained away his temporary madness and murder spree by explaining how he had been possessed by an evil cosmic entity named Parallax at the time.

I still wasn’t reading Green Lantern yet at that point.  I never much cared for the character, neither Hal or Kyle.  Hal’s resurrection did little to excite me but I did hear through the nerd grapevine how well it was executed.  Then I heard how well Johns reshaped Hal’s origin, and then how he made a truly frightening foe out of Sinestro a pink skinned villain who I always thought was goofy, and then how he created a new evil yellow corps for Sinestro to control which went to war against the Green Lanterns, and then how he created the super cool Red Lanterns, and then how….and I was like enough already!!  I’m tired of hearing about it.  Okay, I’ll read the damn book.  And so I did.  I was immediately converted.  I became a huge Green Lantern fan and a huge Geoff Johns fan as well.  That guy worked miracles to not just resurrect Hal Jordan but the entire Lantern franchise.  Spin off books soon followed including a book called The Green Lantern Corps which gave the other Lanterns (pardon the pun) a chance to shine.  This book starred old GL mainstays like Killowog and Guy Gardner but also introduced us to a bunch of fresh new characters like Isamot Kol and Soranik Natu.  Natu was a surgeon on Korugar and was reluctant to accept the ring because of how poorly her father Sinestro handled things.  She eventually accepted and now divides her time as a surgeon, a Lantern and as Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend.

I think I’ve rambled a little too long and am starting to sound like a wikipedia page so let’s just jump to the figure review shall we.  There’s nothing outstanding about the figure but I think it’s pretty darn good and I’m just happy to have it. I’ve become a fan of many of the B-list Lanterns and am always happy to see one get the action figure treatment.  An issue I have with this figure is that its a little static looking.  She’s especially stiff in the legs.  She has ball jointed shoulders at least so her arms move pretty well.  Her face sculpt is quite nice but she looks pretty pissed off.  With the sour puss and rigid body she definitely looks like the party pooper of my DC shelf.  She comes with a nice translucent green display base with the GL logo and she has a lantern accessory.  I love the metallic green paint used on this figure and I appreciate that DC direct has used it across the entire GL line so that all the Green Lanterns appear to be on the same team.  There’s nothing worse than a bunch of Lanterns in 6 different shades of green.  I say go pick her up, and if you don’t want to I’d say go read the Green Lantern Corps books and then you will want to. 7 out of 10.


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