The Vulture first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man issue 2 published in  1963.  Back in those days Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were creating an awesome new villain for Spidey to fight almost every single month.

Issue # 3 brought us Doctor Octopus

Issue # 4 brought us the Sandman

Issue # 6 brought us the Lizard

Issue # 9 brought us Electro

Issue # 13 brought us Mysterio

The list goes on.  Almost all of them were pure comic book gold and they live on to this day remaining a thorn in Spideys side 50 years later.   They’ve pretty much all had make overs throughout the years but they pretty much always end up back in their original duds from these classic stories.  For the past decade Doctor Octopus for example has been running around in a black trench coat or a gigantic metal cocoon but I feel very safe betting my first born child that we haven’t seen the last of him in green tights and yellow boots.  Eventually some writer and artist will get together and say lets do away with all this crap and get back to what made this character appealing in the first place.  Doc Ock is actually one of those original villains that really needed a make-over.  A Roy Orbison look-a-like dressed like a leprechaun never really appealed to me all that much in the first place.

Another classic villain which never much appealed to me was the Vulture.  This guy was old as hell when we first met him.  It seems to me that he should be long since dead by now.  In fact I’m quite certain that he’s been on his death bed many times over the years and yet he’s still kicking.  Yep, old Adrian Toomes just won’t go away.  The old coot with the liver spotted bald head and pin striped green pajamas with a feathery collar is a resilient ol bastard.  Marvel has tried to replace this guy with a cooler Vulture many times but nothing ever sticks.  I remember there was the Vulturions years ago, a whole gang of flying bad guys using stolen Toomes technology but they didn’t last.  A few years ago a new Vulture was introduced who wore red and spit acid or something out of his predator like mouth.  He’s fallen by the wayside as well and the geezery old Vulture remains.  There was one attempt many years ago to make the character a little more hip which I quite liked.  Rather than replacing Toomes entirely what they did was have him convert himself into a young man again by sucking the life out of an android posing as Spider-Mans long lost mom (oh comic books).  Once young, he had a full head of hair and he wore a new armored costume.  They actually repeated that comic story in the 90s animated cartoon and that’s what this figure is based on.  I really dug this new look.  The Vulture actually seemed like a threat for the first time ever and the suit was far cooler than any he had worn before.  Unfortunately young Vulture didn’t last very long at all and he was back to the withered old “classic” Vulture in no time at all.  It is rather odd that the only Vulture toy I own is of the young Vulture who only appeared in a couple of issues out of the Vultures half century of comic book appearances.  I am glad this version made it to plastic at least once though as I’m sure I have many crusty old Vulture toys in my future.  

The toy itself is alright.  He’s kind of stiff looking and the really large V neck is pretty gay.  His head doesn’t seem to sit on his torso very naturally as his neck is almost non existent.  It’s a decent likeness but Toy Biz coulda done better than this.  4 out of 10.


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  1. I didn’t realize that Vulture was an old guy. I just bought my youngest, Calvin, a bunch of Spiderman and other superhero miniatures, and Vulture was among them. I think it was a younger version though.

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