As some of you know I now have a “mike’s collection” page on facebook.  Every time I post a new review I post a link on the wall of the facebook page so that all my followers will be notified on their newsfeed that there is a new post available for their reading pleasure.  If you’re a casual reader of this blog or have just stumbled across it accidentally I encourage you to “like” my facebook page so you too can start getting notifications about my latest posts.  There is a link in the margin of this page that will take you directly to the facebook page.  There you will find some pics of my collections as a whole rather than piece by piece in case you’re curious about what that looks like.  The reason I even mention this today is because a couple of days ago I reviewed the DC Direct figure of female Green Lantern Soranik Natu.  On the face book page I wrote something along the lines of “Today I have for you a sexy Green Lantern…” and I provided a link directly to the review of that figure.  Anyway my girlfriend teased me about calling the figure sexy.  That’s fine, I can take a little teasing.  However she’s brought it up jokingly two or three more times in the past couple of days and I’m starting to think that she may actually be jealous of the action figure.  And good boyfriend that I am, rather than reassure her that I only have eyes for her I’ve decided to review an even sexier action figure…Evil Lyn 

I’ve always had a thing for bad girls in the same way that girls tend to like bad boys.  Except most girls are content to date a guy with a tattoo and a motorcycle as if that qualifies him to be a bad boy.   Well that’s not good enough for me, I like my girls REALLY bad.  I’m talking about girls like Baroness, Zarana, Black Cat and Gail.  Those girls will break your heart, punch you in the face and then blow up a building.  Well one of pop culture’s baddest girls has got to be Evil-Lyn from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  Evil is right there in her name.  Evil-Lyn was a great character who added a much needed female perspective to Skeletor’s evil warriors.   In the cartoon she was sly and sassy and tough.  She wore a kind of medieval  one piece bathing suit with boots and a crown plus she handled that magical rod of hers like a pro…what’s not to love.  When the original figure was released, for some strange reason Mattel decided to give her bright yellow skin which is not how she appeared in the cartoon series.  With it’s yellow skin, thick hips and gigantic legs the original Evil-Lyn looked more like one of Marge Simpson’s fugly older sisters than a seductive evil witch.  needless to say I passed on that toy as a kid. 

When MOTU was resurrected in 2002 Evil-Lyn finally got a more appropriately colored action figure.  The uniform was essentially the same but her skin was now  chalky white and her outfit a deep purple as opposed to shades of blue.  I thought it was a great improvement.  The 2002 cartoon also added a lot of depth and background to the character that we hadn’t seen before.  We got to meet her dad, see her without the crowned helmet and learn about how she came to be the magic user that she is today.  I was very excited to get the 2002 era figure of Evil-Lyn but unfortunately I never found it at retail and had to go without .  It wasn’t until the Four Horseman (the famous toy sculptors responsible for the look of the entire 2002 MOTU relaunch) decided to release small affordable statues of characters that were to scale with the action figures that I finally got my first ever Evil-Lyn collectable.  The statue may not have been posable but it did the trick. 

When the MOTU Classics figures first started coming out I didn’t pay too much attention to them.  It seemed a step backwards to me as I was quite enamoured with the modernized 2002 line.  I didn’t buy any of the early figures that came out, including this yellow skinned Evil-Lyn painted so garishly to stay true to the look of the original toy.  Luckily by the time I had decided to whole-heartedly collect the classics line a second version of Evil-Lyn was being released.  The second version featured the superior white skin/purple outfit color scheme and even better it came with a second head so you could display Evil-Lyn sans helmet.  I loved that figure and was super stoked to get her and display her with her lovely white hair flowing in the breeze.  That was all the Evil-Lyn I needed.  I had no intention of buying this sickly yellow one.

That is until my pal Andrew starting collecting MOTU Classics and he bought the yellow one.  I couldn’t let him get away with owning a figure that I didn’t have.  Conveniently the yellow version was rereleased on Mattycollector.com (the only place you can buy these figures) a couple of months later.  I ordered her and last month she arrived.  I gotta say…I was wrong about this figure.  I actually love it and possibly even prefer to the white skinned version.  I still love that the other version has an alternate head which works out well because I can continue to display that one helmetless while this one has no choice but to wear her helmet.  The yellow skin is so vibrant on this figure that it just pops out at you on the shelf.  The other version kind of gets lost in the crowd amongst similarly purple hued figures of which there are many.  I think the blues on the outfit provide a great dynamic contrast and I love the head sculpt.  I’ve been seeing the helmetless one on display for so long that I never really got to appreciate this crowned head.  This is one sexy action figure and I’m not afraid to say it.  That sneer on her face makes me think that she wants to hurt me…and I’d let her.  9 out of 10.


About mike's collection

I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Andrew Vaughan

    I’m glad I can sometimes influence your purchasing. Even if it is only for competition purposes.

  2. Vanessa....the girl that WILL hurt him and blow up his face in lieu of a building.

    Youre a jerk!

  3. I had the original, and yeah, she was sickly looking. I don’t get the yellow skin, even in this updated version. Fortunately your version makes up for it with a much better face, and cooler accessories. That is a really cool dagger.

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