New Battle Beasts toys are coming out soon and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  They are one of the most under appreciated of all 80s toy lines.  I realize that every nerd has a favorite 80s property that they feel deserves more respect whether it be Bravestar, Crystar, Battle of the Plants, the Snorks or whatever.  Those nerds are welcome to their opinions but this is my blog and I say Battle Beasts rounds out the top 5 toy lines of the 80s along with G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Wars and Masters of the Universe.  There were 88 unique figures to collect plus vehicles, playsets and accessories.  There was no cartoon to support the line so it didn’t last too long but it sure made an impact on me.  I love animals but had gotten over collecting little plastic zoo animals from dollar stores of which I had many.  Battle Beasts came along and merged my love of animals with my love of 80s action properties and nailed it.

I have all but one of the figures (that damn penguin) but I only ever had 1 vehicle and 1 playset even though there were 3 of each released.  I’m not sure why I never made an effort to hunt down the others but it would be a pricey endeavor these days.  Of the 3 Battle Chariots released I had the Big Horn which looked like a ram.  I didn’t have the deer or tiger looking chariots.  Having only the ram vehicle seemed appropriate because I had designated the Ram figure to be my bad guy leader so him having a fancy chariot to drive around in made sense. It would have been strange for the deer and tiger figures to have their own vehicles when they were just regular soldiers in my army.  As far as the headquarters go I had this one, the Shocking Shark which was intended to be the base of the water powered beasts.  I never acquired the Wood Beetle base (for the wood army) or the Flaming Phoenix base (for the fire army).  I wish I had the other two now but at the time when I got this, which I believe was a grading present, I didn’t have my own income so I got what my parents bought me.  I remember seeing all 3 bases in the store and being told to pick one. I chose the shark base over the other two for an obvious reason, this one is way f**king cooler.

Just look at this thing.  First off it’s a shark which is light years cooler than the bug and bird that the other playsets were based on.  In shark mode it’s basically a big nasty looking tank.  Multiple beasts can be stored inside while a lone sentry sits on top manning the double barreled canon.  When you open the shark up into headquarters mode in becomes this gnarly 2 story aquatic themed battle station.  The top level has a gated in watch tower and a small bridge where another beast can stand guard.  A waterfall pours down from the upper level down to the lower level (its actually a sticker but its very convincing).  Down below there are two platforms with cannons and up front there’s a giant claw which can trap attacking beasts.  Then there’s also a prison cell for POWs.  This thing is awesome.  It can hold about a dozen beasts and I used it as my good guy base.  (I had good guys and bad guys.  None of that water vs fire vs wood nonsense)  I absolutely loved the painted art found on the front of the package.  I cut it out and have kept it all these years.  If I could find a decent sized print of this image I would frame it.  

It’s not too late to jump on the Battle Beast bandwagon.  Go to bigbadtoystore (see the add on the margin of this page) and go pre-order the new figures under the name Beast Saga before they’re sold out.  This playset obviously gets a 10 out of 10.


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  1. I don’t think I even knew there were such bases for Battle Beasts. I agree that the Beasts are under rated, but I’ll admit, I did have a few BraveStar toys as well, and was a very big fan of the show. Their guns were pretty unique too.

    Also, when playing, I didn’t allign my Batle Beasts into teams based on wood, fire, or water. For some reason, I thought that was just a way to decide individual battles, not entire team alignments.

    Good post.

    • Thanks dude. I like Bravestar as well. Do you remember when there were cardboard cutouts on the sides of cereal boxes and the back of the boxes were made to look like buildings such as banks and salloons? Doug and I loved those things. My little brother was the only one of us who had any of the actual figures. Sucked for him though because there was no real figure of that sexy ginger JB but I had a cardboard one.

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