Today in Halifax Nova Scotia its Gay Pride.  Technically it’s been Gay Pride week since last Sunday but today is the day that they held the parade and the concert and fireworks and all that jazz so I guess you could say today is the gayest and pride-iest  day of the week.  The parade grows every year and this year was no exception with what was the longest parade I think I’ve ever seen.  I’m very supportive of the LGBT community and I hope you are too.  I have friends that fall into each of those categories (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) and my little brother is out and proud and awesome.  I read an article about Gay Pride Week in this weeks issue of The Coast (our free alternative newspaper) and it was pretty sad to read about how some people that marched in Halifax’s first Pride Parade 25 years ago had to wear bags over their heads so as not to get recognized and potentially fired from their jobs.  We’ve come along way from that Thankfully.  Seeing the large crowd that turned out for the parade today made me proud.  

To celebrate gay pride today I thought it might be nice to review a gay action figure.  Unfortunately I don’t think I have any.  There are many gay characters out there in comic books and pop culture and a few of them have been made into action figures but none of them have ended up in my collection.  There’s Batwoman for example who’s a lesbian, and there’s Hulkling from the Young Avengers both of whom have received the action figure treatment.  There’s Smithers from the Simpsons or Mr. Garrison from South Park who both have figures available as well but I don’t have them.  I don’t think that there are any gay G.I. Joes, at least no ones asking and no ones telling.  And I’m not sure Transformers have any sort of sexual identity at all so it’s hard to say with those guys.  If they  are sexual beings though I guarantee you that there a few of them that like to drive on the wrong side of the road, if you know what I’m saying.  98% of them are dudes after all. 

Ultimate/Gay Colossus


The closest thing I have to a gay action figure that I could think of is this guy, Colossus the metal skinned Russian member of the X-Men.  This is a bit of a cheat on my part because the Colossus figure pictured here is not actually gay.  This is the “real” Colossus who inhabits the Marvel Universe and is all about the ladies.  However Marvel also publishes a series of comic books that take place in an alternate universe called the Ultimate Universe.  In the Ultimate Universe many things are the same as they are in the regular Marvel Universe but a few minor and a few major things have been changed.  For example the Scorpion figure I reviewed a while back was from the Ultimate Universe and his backstory and costume is drastically different than the “real” Scorpion of the Marvel Universe.  Anyway, the Colossus of the Ultimate Universe is gay.  He looks pretty much the exact same in both universes except the Ultimate version wheres a black and yellow uniform instead of red and yellow one.  So it’s a bit of a stretch but I did sort of manage to find a gay character to review for gay pride week.

The figure is pretty awesome.  He’s big and tall like he should be; he stands about a head taller than most of the other figures in the line.  He’s wearing what I feel is his most iconic outfit which I appreciate.  I wouldn’t have bought the figure if he was wearing the stupid helmet that he wears in the comic books these days.  The face sculpt is great; he looks pissed.  The body sculpt is fantastic as well.  Each one of those lines on his skin is sculpted, not just painted on so you can feel them when you run your finger down his arm.  It’s an awesome figure and the folks at Hasbro who created him should be proud as well.  8 out of 10.


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  1. Growing up gay in Soviet Russia must have been even harder. Poor Colossus. At least he can be proud now (in the alternate fantasy world….)

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