My third San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figure arrived in the mail late last week.  I’m really starting to wonder if it might be cheaper for me to just fly down there next year and buy this stuff at regular price rather than staying at home and paying through the nose on ebay.  I now have the SDCC exclusive Joe figures from the past three years.  2010 was Sgt. Slaughter, 2011 was Zarana and 2012 brings us Jinx.  While I very much appreciate figures of these characters being released it kinda pisses me off that they were only made available via the SDCC.  Every year it seems there are more and more exclusive figures released at various Cons throughout the world making it nearly impossible to collect everything.  Besides the SDCC exclusive figures this year, there were also 15 exclusive figures (that I’ll never own ) available only at Joe Con this year, plus another few from the Canadian Joe Con.  The fact that I’m Canadian does not help me acquire those rare Canadian figures made in very limited numbers.  It sucks that I’ll never get those figures but the thing about most of them is they tend to be figures of new or obscure characters.  On my birthday this year Vanessa bought me a 2011 Joe Con exclusive figure of Cobra De Aco which I was thrilled with.   Only the most deeply entrenched Joe nerd even knows who that character is though.  Even my brother Doug who grew up on Joe just as much as I did wouldn’t know who Cobra De Aco is because his interest in the brand has waned over the years.  So as an uber-Joe nerd it’s frustrating not to be able to get con exclusives of these characters (this years Joe Con set featured a couple of essential but obscure Joes, Voltar and Darklon.  My birthdays only 5 months away Vanessa. Wink wink) but I understand why they were released as Con exclusives.  They don’t appeal to a general audience and may not have sold well at retail.  Making them available as exclusives is almost a favor to fans. 

This is not the case with the SDCC exclusives, Slaughter, Zarana and Jinx are key characters in the Joe mythos.  Slaughter and Jinx were practically the stars of the animated movie and Zarana was featured prominently in the later seasons of the show.  They’ve all played important roles in the comic books too.  Any Joe fan would want these figures…would need these figures.  The fact that the only way you can get them is by travelling to San Diego or paying $50 -$100 for them on ebay is a crime against the Joe collector community.  Of course I’d be pissed now if Hasbro released any of these characters at retail because I’ve already shelled out my hard earned dollars but I hope in the future A-list characters like these are not released as exclusives but made available to the masses. 

So onto Jinx.  I love Jinx and I love this figure.  As a kid Doug owned the ninja version (v2) of Snake Eyes and both the good ninja and evil ninja incarnations of Storm Shadow.  When Jinx first came out in 1987 I was super stoked to finally have my own ninja character, and not just a ninja, but a sexy lady ninja.  She quickly became one of my favorite characters and figures.  I was kinda disappointed the first time I saw her face in the animated movie, not as sexy as I imagined but still cool. 

When Joe resurfaced with new toys and comics in the early 2000s after years of dormancy Jinx had a whole new look to her.  I’m not sure how to describe it exactly so I’ll just post a picture here but I guess it’s more of a traditional style costume and it no longer featured a full face mask.  She appeared this way in the 2000 era toys, comics and animation.  I didn’t mind the new look but I’d have preferred they gave it to a new character.  I missed my head to toe red Jinx with the pointy stocking mask.

new sculpt Jinx. pic from yojoe.com

When the modern era of Joe figures starting seeing release in 2007 I was pretty excited at the prospect at getting a new version of Jinx in her vintage duds.  The years went by and no Jinx figure ever came.  After a while I was worried I’d never get a modern styled figure of one of my favorite characters.  My Joe collection just didn’t seem complete without her.  Last year the G.I. Joe collectors club announced that they’d be releasing a modern figure of Jinx only she’d be wearing her 2000 era outfit.  At that point I’d take what I could get and was just glad to know I’d finally have a Jinx.  That figure has yet to be released but in the meantime the San Diego Comic Con has scooped the Collector’s Club by releasing this Jinx figure last month.   I’ll still buy the Joe Club version when its finally released but it won’t top this one.  This figure is awesome.  I’m on the fence whether I’m going to open it or not but for now it remains in its original protective packaging.

Jinx 1987 original. Also from yojoe.com

From what I can tell through the plastic bubble, this is a stellar Jinx figure.  They’ve resolved the main issue that I had with the original release and that was her stupid little slippers.  The costume retains the baggy pants of the original but the top is more form fitted and looks better.  The low V-neck, black trim and hand covers (for lack of a better term) are all improvements over the original figure.  The new head sculpt is great too with much more personality in the eyes.  She comes with a bladed staff, two swords and a back pack to hold them in just like the original.  I love this figure and as I type this I know I’m destined to tear open that package soon enough.  Do yourself a favor, shell out the cash and snag one for yourself.  9 out of 10.

Jinx from upcoming G.I. Joe sequel


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