Hey guys, let me start off today by apologizing for being so long winded most of the time.  I appreciate all of you visiting the site to read my 2 cents on various action figures but I feel lately that I’ve been giving you closer to a dollar’s worth of rambling.  After the opus that was my Ollie post I’ve actually tried to pick figures that I thought I didn’t have much to say about.  When I started my Ultimate Spider-Man and Duke posts the last two days I expected to only write a couple of small paragraphs but before I knew it I had what could be the first two chapters of a nerdy novella.   Today I will try and keep it shorter to keep you coming back without demanding too much of your time.  This opening paragraph was probably a step in the wrong direction but oh well.






So this is Wicket, the cutest and most popular of all the Ewoks.  I’m not a big fan of the Ewoks but I can only imagine how I would feel about them had I been an adult when Return of the Jedi first came out.  I was only 5 when Jedi was released so even though the Ewoks were kind of annoying, as a kid I loved them.  I used to watch the Ewoks spin-off cartoon every Saturday morning, and I collected the Ewoks comic based on that cartoon and I watched the 2 live action Ewok movies and over again.  My mild disdain of the ‘woks only came with age.

This particular Ewok was played by midget actor (yeah I said it) Warwick Davis who was only a kid himself at the time.   Warwick has portrayed little characters in all kinds of movies since, from Leprechaun to Harry Potter.  I highly recommend you check out the series he did last year with Ricky Gervais called Life’s Too Short.  In it he plays himself as a struggling little actor.  It was hilarious and reminiscent of Curb Your Enthusiasm (one of my all-time favorite shows) 

This toy, like pretty much all of my Star Wars toys come from the Power of the Force line of the late 90s.  This figure isn’t nearly as cute as the vintage 80s Wicket I used to have but it is more accurate.  The original was far more “teddy-beary”.   The Ewoks are pretty teddy-bear like anyway but their creepy eyes and piggy little noses distinguished them from their bed dwelling plush brethren.   This version of Wicket captures is cute/but kinda ugly face quite well.  The lack of knee and elbow articulation that plagued all Star Wars figures at the time isn’t as noticeable here since his limbs are so small.  The paint and the sculpting on his furry body is pretty good.  For accessories he comes with a spear and his leathery headdress.  It’s funny how nude and inappropriate he looks when you take his hat off.  It’s like seeing Donald Duck take his shirt off, just weird.   7 out of 10.


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  1. Yeah, the Ewoks never bothered me too much. At least, their inclusion in the film never bothered me. Their overwhelming the Stormtroopers with sticks and stones was a little bad though. Had I been a jaded teen when Jedi came out, I’d probably hate them like Jar Jar.

    Life’s too Short is fantastic.

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