Beware people, I am contagious.  I’ve always been a toy collector but since starting this blog I seem to be at it with more vigor than ever before.  I’ve been buying lines outside my usual collecting habits, over-paying for things I had long since written off as too expensive, and re-buying toys that I owned as a child but had parted ways with.  It’s become a problem.  The unfortunate part of this tale is that my toy madness has begun infecting others.  My best pal Andrew has been a toy collector as long as I’ve known him as well, but a casual one.  In the past year he has bought more toys then I think he’s bought in the previous 10.  Not all my doing but my passion for collecting has definitely had an effect on the poor boy.  And then there’s my oft mentioned brother Doug.  He’s always been a collector as well but since he started reading my blog where I often lament about toys that we sold off, he’s been on a mission to reclaim those lost toys.  He’s been buying up Robotechs, Wrestlers, and other curiosities on ebay at the same rate as me over the past couple of months. 

One such nostalgia fueled search found him cruising for vintage Battlestar Galactica figures.  As kids we had a handful of figures based on the original BSG, a property which I remember next to nothing about.   I have previously reviewed my Daggit  action figure, the only figure I had kept from the line.   That particular save had nothing to do with a fondness for BSG but rather my love for adorable critters.  In that post I mentioned the other figure from the line that I had, Imperious Leader.  I even stuck a pic of the toy in the Daggit post because he was weird enough that I had to show him to you and chances were slim to none that I was ever going to seek this toy out again.




As it turns out I didn’t need to seek him out.  Doug bought up a “lot” of figures which landed him with 2 Imperious Leaders.  One was clothed in his lustrous sheer purple robe while the other one was  shamelessly flaunting his disgustingly nude lanky alien body.  Doug offered me up his naked one.  And so this ugly-as-all-hell figure had found its way back into my collection.  Admittedly I was kind of happy to have him back but there was no way I was going to take him home with me until he put some clothes on.

Doug handed this guy off to me a couple of weeks ago when we were both home visiting my parents, it was my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Bruce.  Well it just so happens that my mother is a professional seamstress.  She’s usually making bridesmaid and prom dresses or curtains but this seemed the perfect time to try her skills at an intergalactic miniature snuggie.  For the bargain price of two dollars my mom said she would re-create the look of Doug’s clothed Imperial Leader.  She’d have done it for free but my conscience  wouldn’t allow it.  I checked in on her a couple of days later to see how it was coming along.  She told me that she had visited every fabric store in town trying to match the sheer purple/maroon material of the original robe.  She didn’t find an exact match but thought she had come pretty close.  Well my sister delivered him to me yesterday and I gotta say he looks pretty good.  At least as good as you can with a face like that.  If anyone else out there has an Imperious Leader in need of a new dress just let me know and I’ll have my mom get in touch with you, it could be a whole new revenue stream for her.

My mom’s logo. The spelling of “alterations” has since been fixed.

As for this character, I tried to find out a little bit about him  before writing this post but it turns out there’s very little to know.  This is what I found out:  he’s the leader of the evil Cylons, he’s not actually organic but he’s made to look that way, he was only shown from behind in the series because the costume  was so crappy looking.  Thats about it.

Now do you see why I needed a new dress made?

I kind of hated this toy as a kid.  8 year old me would’ve given him a 1 out of 10.  Nostalgic 34 year old me however gives him a 4 out of 10.

As he appeared in the show apparently


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  1. I hope you hide it in the bin of misfits at the back of a closet. Gross.

  2. When I was a kid, a friend of mine had this figure. It was bought at a yardsale. Neither of us knew what toy line he was from at the time. We just used him as a cantina alien with our Star Wars figures. It was years later when I discovered he was a BSG character. Now I want one. Your blog is bad for my wallet Mike.

    • I’m sorry that you too have fallen victim to my blog Paul. Knowing this guy wasn’t a Star Wars figure i was too anal-retentive to place him in my cantina. He usually only saw the light of day during miscellaneous figure drawer battle royals.

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