Believe it or not, as kids Doug and I had another sizable collection of toys that I have yet to tell you about on this blog.  Besides all of our actions figures we also had a bunch of Lego blocks.  We were never hardcore Lego kids so we didn’t have a ton of it but we had enough.  Doug collected Space Lego.  This was long before they got into aliens and water planets and all that other crazy stuff.  Doug’s was very generic space Lego.  Most of the pieces were blue and white and the men were simple little astronauts with a swirly Saturn logo on their chests.  I collected Knight Lego.  This was the very earliest of Knight Legos which predates dragons and skeletons and all that stuff.  Mine was simple Knights and Horses and Castles.   Our little brother Brian collected Pirate Lego and he ended up with the biggest collection of the three of us.

Whenever Doug and I would play Lego together it always had to be a time-travel adventure.  His spacemen would end up back in time so they could interact with my knights.  The lot of them would usually end up having to fight off rubber dinosaurs or something since we didn’t have any bad guys.  It was fun building and playing with those sets but I was the type of kid that once a set was built I never wanted to take it apart again.  It was just so much work to build that damn castle.  I think Doug and I eventually handed down all of our Legos to Brian who ended up with a nice diverse collection.  I’m not sure where it all ended up once Brian was done with it.

One of the sets I had as a kid.

This guy here is the only piece of Lego that I have left and he isn’t even one of the ones from childhood.  I swiped this guy from another kid’s science fair project in junior high.

I remember a bunch of science fair projects were sitting on the back counter in our science class.  Somebody had made the classic paper mache volcano.  They had decorated it by making a little village full of Lego men at the base of the Volcano.  In a way I suppose you could say that I rescued this guy from a pretty nasty fate of drowning in river of molten baking soda.  Me and my friends had picked a bunch of Lego men off the volcano and were goofing around with them in the back of the classroom.  We pulled them apart and swapped their pieces, that’s why this guy is kind of Frankenstein’ed with his yellow and black two-toned pants and his weird red glove.  He’s sporting one of those classic Saturn logo astronaut shirts which is pretty cool.   After I brought this guy home I gave him one of my old knight shields that I found laying around.  It’s hard to review a Lego man because what can you really say?   He’s not exactly cool looking but he is functional.   I like how his feet stick to any other Lego surface and how his head can be stuck to other pieces via the peg on top. 

But that’s what makes this guy worth talking about, that’s why I’ve held onto him all these years.  He doesn’t have a peg on top of his head.  On that fateful day in the back of science class I remember we were picking up our big heavy phone book sized Science text books and dropping them on top of our Lego men.  I’m not sure why exactly, I think the goal was to launch the figures across the room and we were competing  to see who could shoot their Lego man the farthest.  This abuse is probably why this guys face is rather worn.  So after several trips across the room my mismatched little man was placed back at the center of my desk in preparation for another voyage.  I stood him up straight, held my book flat about 2 feet above him and dropped it.  Only this time my Lego man didn’t go flying.  The book dropped square on his head and he remained standing.  We were all in shock at how perfect the drop must have been.  This teeny little Lego dude absorbed the impact and was now balancing this giant book on top of his head.  Maybe it’s not a big deal but we were amazed by it.  When we lifted the book off we found that the text book and collapsed his head peg, pushing it down into his smiley little skull.   This little man earned my respect that day and that is why I chose to rescue him from his volcanic fate and have kept him with me ever since.  I’d like to see one of those fancy new Star Wars Lego characters pull that off.  6 out of 10.

My favorite set from back in the day.


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  1. I love how nonchalantly you gloss over your entrance into criminal territory and how you ruined someone’s project and stole their toy.

    I only ever had generic legos. I really wanted a castle like my cousin had. Instead, I spent most of my time making guns out of black legos.

  2. When I first saw the pic, I wondered why he didn’t have the little post on top of his head. I thought it was some sort of error figure. I love the story of how he became deformed. Poor little fella.

  3. Poor Lego man. You really should restore him to a proper spaceman in yellow (which, while looking like he’s nude with a tattoo on his chest…I digress) is how he should be. I can never be cruel with my Lego people. I went through my ‘Dark Ages’ as adult fans of Lego call it, but then went through a big phase of restoring my old sets from the early 1980s to glory (like the Black Knights Castle you’ve pictured) amongst others. I do buy some modern sets from time to time, even went through a big time modern Star wars phase but some City sets as long as its not Emergency Services as those are done to death – I still prefer the classic Town stuff which had so many sets to choose from, even small ones, and Castle. I did buy some Kingdoms sets – modern version of Castle but those were so hard to come by in shops in the UK, I had to use Amazon to get mine, no wonder the theme didn’t last too long as Lego stupidly didn’t distribute or market it properly and it really is a modern update to the Classic Castle era. I’ve loads and I mean LOADS of classic Town and Castle sets, even the follow up Castle Draco which came after the one pictured – original no less, NOT the Legends re-release…!

    • Sounds like you’ve got a pretty epic Lego collection. do you store it all in 1 large bucket or do you make sure to keep every set separately boxed?
      I had some small city sets, usually acquired as happy meals or something, but almost never built the intended structures with them.

      • I do indeed Sir. 🙂 I store it all carefully away in boxes, smaller sets / items in zip loc baggies (small buildings, lorries, cars etc). Its all still assembled, some parts may have fallen off in storage. I just hate getting dust on this stuff and as all ‘AFOLS’ (adult fans of lego) know they suck up dust like nothing! So I store it all away, bringing out a few pieces once in a while to fiddle with or look at. I do have my Black Falcons castles (the one you pictured and its follow up) on display with the figures and extra Black Falcons – in my kitchen no less lol and need to give them a bit of a clean, again dust on them. I did have a MASSIVE Town display in my dining room back in 2007 but it got so dusty and was awkward to get around so cleaned it all up and put it all into storage. I only like building the actual sets on the box, I did make a few customs by using the instructions to certain petrol trucks or delivery trucks and then making a few changes or making them in different colours to make my own vehicles etc but in classic Town style. One of my favourite vehicles is the Exxon Tanker Truck / Shell Tanker, we had Shell in the UK / EU, you guys in the US / CA had the same model but as Exxon. My all time fave is the small Shell Gas Pumps like in my avatar, it was my very first set as a kid. Even got a mint out of box version complete now.

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