So my pal Andy went on a little vacation last week.  He took a drive down to Maine in the good ol’ U S of A to visit family.  At least that’s what his family thinks.  I knew Andrews true motivations for going and it wasn’t to see family.  Andrew knows that the States has toys that we don’t get up here in the Great White North and they also sell booze dirt cheap.  His primary objective down there was to track down a Movie Masters action figure of Catwoman from the Dark Knight Rises.  The first wave of figures (Batman, Bane and Alfred) hit our local stores months ago but Catwoman was nowhere to be seen.  Andrew took to visiting Toys R Us on a weekly basis in hopes of stumbling across one but to no avail.  Maine was his last and best shot of scoring one before throwing in the towel and turning to ebay. 

Well Andrew came back this past Tuesday after nearly a week away and he invited me over to see his American toy haul.  I could describe it to you here but if you’re actually curious why not let the man himself tell you about it.  Visit Andrews blog here:

Sadly Andrew did not find his Catwoman but he did find a bunch of other cool stuff.  One good item he scored was a gift for yours truly.

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I haven’t been nearly as obsessed in my quest as he’s been but on each of those visits he was making to Toys R Us I was usually tagging along in hopes that maybe I would find some wave 2 Avengers figures.  Wave 1 has been warming the pegs here since before the movie’s release but there was still no sign of Hawkeye or the Black Widow.  I don’t usually go for movie-fied versions of Marvel characters.  I passed on movie versions of Spidey, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America and yet there was something about the Hawkeye and Widow figures that I had seen on line that was calling to me.  Jeremy Renner has been a favorite actor of mine for years so that might have something to do with it.  And as far as Black Widow goes I think it’s because the only other Widow figure I have, a comic based one, is pretty dull.   But like Catwoman playing hard to get with Andrew, Black Widow remained elusive to me as well. 

That is until Andrew found her and scooped her up for me.  I had asked Andy to keep his eyes peeled for her while he was down there but I didn’t expect to receive her as a gift so that was a pleasant surprise.  A very pleasant surprise because this Black Widow figure is excellent.  It’s quite astonishing how well the sculptors are able to capture Scarlett Johanssons’ likeness in such a tiny figure.  I’ve seen many 6” action figures based on actor’s likenesses over the years that didn’t come close to this one in accuracy and she’s only 3.5”.  It’s not a dead ringer mind you but the wave in the hair and the slightly upturned nose are pretty well done.  This figure is superior to my previously reviewed Widow figure in every way.  She’s better sculpted and better articulated.  She has a pair of guns that can be placed in her hands or in her holsters.  She also came with some big stupid projectile firing grappling gun which went right into the junk bucket.  I really like the seams on her costume here which are just as they appeared in the movie.  It breaks up the design and avoids the flatness of the solid black comic based figure.  And look at the detail in that SHEILD logo on her shoulder.  My only complaint is that her belt is lacking the red Black Widow logo.  I think a dab of red would’ve added a little flare to the figure but that’s a minor quibble.  More figures like this please Hasbro.  8 out of 10.



P.S.  Andrew and I went to our local Toys R Us last night and he finally found his Catwoman so don’t feel bad for him.  Feel bad for Catwoman.


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  1. Feel bad for catwoman? You’re the one who wanted me to get two and make them “scissor”

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