Today’s review is by special request from a new friend of the site, Sidus Ang.  Sidus mentioned on my facebook page (which you should all go and “like” immediately) that he’s been enjoying my Joe figure reviews so I asked him who he’d like to see next.  He chose Flint; an excellent choice.  The Joe team’s warrant officer was first released in 1985, probably the greatest year of all time for Joe figures.  1985  brought us so many great new vehicles, concepts, and characters including Joes like Alpine, Bazooka, Barbeque, Airtight, ninja Snake-Eyes, and Dusty.  On the Cobra side of things we got great new troops like the Eels and Crimson Guards and individual characters like the Dreadnoks and the Crimson Twins.  Many of those characters have become fan favorites and integral to the Joe universe.

version 1-1985






In 1985 it was Doug who got that first Flint figure while I got his love interest, Lady Jaye.  We loved both of those figures at the time but I don’t think either toy did the characters justice.  Lady Jaye had a stupid ball cap permanently stuck to her head which she never wore in the show and that always bothered me.  And the Flint figure had this ridiculously goofy side smirk on his face.  The uniform and sculpt was great otherwise but that face simply wasn’t representative of the character we saw in the comics, cartoons and even on his package artwork.  This head might have been better suited for Lieutenant Falcon, a cocky slacker who also happened to be a fan of the beret.  Flint was portrayed as far too serious to have this smug aloof grin permanently stuck on his face.

Flint did have his share of light moments in the cartoon, especially when it came to his relationship with Lady Jaye but for the most part this dude is a hardass.  He always came across as much more of an authority figure than Duke.  He’s often portrayed as having a very hard-nosed, by-the-book type of  attitude.  In the animated series G.I. Joe: Renegades he was one of the soldiers tasked with hunting down Duke and the other Renegade Joes.  Flint will be playing a starring role in the upcoming live-action Joe sequel, Retaliation.  He’s being played by DJ Cotrano (yeah, I don’t know him either).  I think he looks the part, a bit young maybe but that’s okay.  I’m curious to see how Mr. Faireborne will be portrayed on the screen.  When Devil’s Due had the Joe publishing rights they did the unthinkable and killed off Lady Jaye.  I was mortified by the death of a favorite Joe of mine but the end result was a tough as nails take no prisoners Flint which I kind of liked. 

Once Doug or I laid claim to a figure  by getting the first version, we usually got all subsequent versions of that character as well.  You might think it would make more sense to do the opposite but once Doug had established  Flint’s personality it wouldn’t have seemed right for me to suddenly take over because I got Flint version 2.  So I owned all 3 Roadblocks and both Tripwires and so on.  The second Flint to come out was the Tiger Force version.  Tiger Force was the first G.I. Joe sub-team.  It was comprised of previously released figures and vehicles repainted in tiger striped camouflage.   I don’t know if that made any sense from a tactical standpoint but it looked pretty cool.  Cobra’s answer to Tiger Force was the Python Patrol which were Cobra figures repainted in a red, gold and grey cross-hatch pattern.  It didn’t look all that great but at least it supposedly had a purpose, shielding them from radar.

Ripcord as the third wheel.


Like many great characters that Doug owned when we were kids, I didn’t get my first Flint until the new sculpt era of the early 2000s.  It was nice to finally have a Flint to call my own.  Over the next couple years I acquired a few Flints in various uniforms, all variations of the original and none were all that memorable. When the 25th anniversary figures were released in 2007, ushering in the modern sculpt era, I was excited to finally get a figure that would do Flint justice.  Unfortunately, of the first few waves of figures released, Flint was the one character I never found on store shelves.  I’m not sure if he was short packed or what but I missed him completely in 2007.  I had to wait until 2008 when the second modern version of Flint was released; this one in his Tiger Force colors.  This is the figure I present to you today, Flint version 12.  As I write this there are currently 18 versions of Flint available and there’s no end in sight as I’m sure the movie will provide us with many more. 

So how does this Flint figure rank amongst the group?  Pretty well.  That’s not saying a whole lot though as I feel Flint is a character who has yet to receive a figure worthy of his awesomeness.  At least not in the 3 ¾ scale.  There is a pretty killer 12” version out there that was produced by Sideshow Toys.

Sideshow 12″ Flint.


The main thing that bugs me about this Flint is that it’s Tiger Force Flint.  I want a black shirted Flint for my display. That’s more of a knock on circumstance than on the figure though.  This would make a fine secondary Flint but I don’t like having to display his as my primary Flint.  This is actually a straight repaint of the 2007 version, the only difference being the color scheme.  Even if I had this figure in its original colors though it still wouldn’t live up to the Flint in my mind.  His face doesn’t look fierce and commanding as it did on the package art, it looks somber and kinda bored.   His cheeks seem sunk in making him appear old.  The sculpt is alright otherwise and he comes with a nice shotgun for an accessory as any decent Flint should but he still leaves me longing for a better Flint.  There have been improvements made on figures released since this one but I don’t want a good Flint,  I’m holding out for a great one.  6 out of 10.

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  1. thank you for fulfilling my request this review is gonna be hung up in my joe display case

  2. The Americas Elite Flint is really putting all that military training, how to handle and shoot a handgun correctly, to good use… I mean it’s not like they put the sights on top for a reason…

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