I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  As I type this its 1:30 in the afternoon on September 25.  I’m currently at work waiting to hear back from a client so I figured I’d try and cram out a quick review.  You see, directly from work I’m meeting a friend for supper.  I’m hoping I can extend that supper until about 6:30 because I’m supposed to meet another friend at the movie theatre at 7:00 to see DreDD 3D and I’d rather not have to go home in between the two stops.  That is unless Vanessa texts me when she gets home to tell me that the post office has left a delivery notification.  If that’s the case I’ll have to speed through dinner with friend one so that I can get to the post office, pick up my parcel and deliver it to my home before meeting friend two at the movies.  If it was almost any other package I would leave it until tomorrow, but I am currently waiting on my shipment of 14 Beast Saga figures which I cannot wait to get my hands on.  Also between the dinner and the movie I have to get to HMV to pick up bluray copies of two new movies that were released today.  Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (an animated retelling of the Frank Miller classic) and The Avengers.  I’ve already seen The Avengers twice but I cannot wait to see it again.  Not only do I want to see the film itself again but I also want to listen to the audio commentary by Joss Wheadon and watch all of the other bonus features.  I think Avengers was probably the best film of the year and I’m thrilled to be able to enjoy it again in the comfort of my own home.

So, seeing as this is an “Avengers Event” day of sorts I thought that I should review an Avengers figure.  I reviewed a bunch of them back when the film was released theatrically but one Avenger that I did not touch upon at that time ended up being the star of the show: The Hulk.

I’ve always liked Hulk but he’s never ranked very high on my list of favorite super heroes.   Neither Doug or myself have ever collected his comic book which is saying something considering we pretty much collect the entire Marvel Universe between us.  I always found the fact that he’s a dumb brute when in Hulk mode (most of the time) rather limiting story wise.  Plus I’ve never been a big fan of most of his rogue’s gallery and a hero is only as good as his villains.  I enjoyed both the Eric Bana and the Edward Norton Hulk movies but they were not in the same league as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, all of which I loved.  So nothing could have surprised me more, walking out of the Avengers film for the first time, that it would be the Hulk who left me absolutely blown away.  The whole thing was great but that computer animated big green giant stole every scene he was in.  All my biggest nerdgasm moments involved the Hulk.  The scene on the Hellecarrier, attacking the jet, fighting Loki, Smashing the aliens…it was awesome.  If for some reason you still haven’t seen it, nows your chance to go buy a copy.  Do it now.

Avengers Hulk toy. No thanks.

While The Avengers movie produced the best looking on screen Hulk ever, The Avengers toy line failed to produce a worthy action figure.  The 3.75” Hulk figure from the Avengers line straight up sucks.  He doesn’t have great muscle definition, his color is bland, he’s wearing brown pants, and his face sculpt is weak.  Past 3.75” Hulk figures have similarly missed the mark.  The first Marvel Universe Hulk released had a terrible face sculpt, kinda like a retarded Frankenstein.   The next one released in a Secret Wars 2-pack was better but was  painted far too bright a green.  I passed on them both.  The one I ended up buying was the Hulk figure based on the mini-series “World War Hulk” in which the Hulk wore a gladiator style uniform.  It was a cool series and a cool toy but hardly acceptable as my go-to Hulk figure.   I began to wonder if a great Hulk figure would ever come?

Previous MU versions of Hulk. meh.

About a month ago that great Hulk figure arrived.  The most recent Hulk figure released as part of the Marvel Universe line is totally awesome and I finally have an iconic  Hulk for my display.  He’s not based on any one movie or storyline but instead takes all the best elements of the Hulk and merges them into this definitive Hulk figure.  He’s big,  making even my slouching Red Hulk figure look short by comparison.  He’s green and it’s the perfect Hulk shade.  His pants are purple, yes it would look silly in real life but I’ll take a purple panted Hulk over a blue or brown one any day.  He’s ripped, the sculpted muscles on this guy are great, probably the best I’ve seen on a MU figure yet.  The face sculpt is perfect iconic Hulk.  He’s got the right hair, the right face shape and the right expression.  I love a figure based on a favorite  artist’s specific art style but there’s something to be said for a figure that is just so perfectly undistinguishable and normal.  This is a fantastic Hulk figure.   9 out of 10.

P.S.  It is now 12:30 at night and I am finally getting this posted.  I enjoyed a tasty club and a couple of beers for dinner, picked up my toys at the post office, dropped them at home then went to HMV, bought Avengers and Dark Knight Returns, saw Dredd 3D which was pretty entertaining, then came home and opened my toys which are awesome and I will start reviewing them soon, then I watched the Dark Knight and its bonus features and now here I am.  A busy day indeed.


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  1. Great Hulk, and as somewhat of a lesser comic nerd, he was also my favourite character out of the Avengers film.

  2. So happy to have a great Hulk finally. He looks like the Hulk I loved from the 80s and is still one of my faves.

  3. How did I not comment on this figure when originally posted??? He’s awesome. I’ve always been confused why they can’t seem to do a decent Hulk figure. I think the sculptors try to put their own spin on him and it gets mucked up. Doing research on Hulk figures and figured I’d check my favorite toy blog for Hulks to look up on Ebay.

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