Those of you not interested in this new line of Beast Saga figures from Takara will have to be patient with me for a couple more days as I joyfully nerd out to them.  I will get back to G.I. Joes and Transformers soon enough but for now I’d like to review a couple more of these BS figures.  Yesterday I covered the lion figure.  Using the uber-creativity that I was blessed with I have decided to name each of these figures on my own until I discover their official names.  I named the lion SAGA LION  which was easy enough to come up with.  However this naming pattern is not as easy to use as you might think.  When I decided to review this bird next my first inclination was of course to name him SAGA BIRD.  The problem with that is I already have 2 bird figures and have more coming so I was gonna have to get specific.  I’m not exactly a bird expert so I kinda took a guess on this guy.  I’ve opted to call him SAGA FINCH for now.  If anybody out there can better identify this type of bird please let me know.  I googled finches and I found some pictures that look pretty close.

There were no finch figures in the original Battle Beast toy line so this guy doesn’t fit into my “next generation” storyline.   The poor guy’s a fatherless bastard.   Maybe I can use that fact to develop his personality.  I could say that his father never served in the original battle of the beasts.  His father was perhaps a draft dodger and that disgrace has tormented Saga Finch all his life.  As a youth he was  ridiculed by his peers whose fathers had all served.  He grew up with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.  He’s the type of guy who will stop at nothing to complete his mission.  He’s a bit of a loner who does not relate well with the other beasts on his team.  Yeah…I like that origin.  Not bad for off the top of my head. 

I actually really like that he’s an animal that we didn’t get in the original line.  It keeps the line feeling fresh.  I wouldn’t want a complete rehashing of what had come before.  This figure has emerged as my favorite from my initial set of 14 figures.  I didn’t expect to like him so much and I’m not sure why I even do.  I like him even more now that I’ve infused him with a name and some personality.  Is he destined to be my new Battle Fox?  Perhaps.  One of the things that made Fox my favorite figure of the vintage line was the fact that I established a rivalry between him and Battle Bat.  One of my 14 new Beast Saga figures happens to be a bat.  Maybe I’ll establish a rivalry between him and Finchy here.  And thus my little Beast Saga universe begins to take shape. 

But enough backstory, let’s get down to business and review this figure.   Let’s see if I can convince you that this is one of the must-own figures of the line.

One of the things that makes him stand out in my small collection at this point is the fact that he’s a bird.  The line is slated to be split up into three factions of land, sea and air beasts.  In the initial set of figures released so far there was a land 3-pack and a sea 3-pack.

The land pack had the lion and the sea pack had the shark whom appear to be the leaders of their factions.  When the air 3-pack comes out it will have the air leader in it as well plus a couple of other birds.  If I had that pack now then maybe this guy wouldn’t seem so special.  As it currently stands I have a bunch of land and sea beasts but as far as air beasts go I only have the bat (who seems out of place) and this bird.  I know I mentioned earlier that I had two bird figures but I’ll talk more about that in my next post.  Another thing that makes him stand out is his white armor.   Like the lion who is uniquely wearing red, this guy is the only beast in white.  I really like the white armor and coincidentally that was the color of Battle Fox’s armor.  The highlights of Finch’s armor are the armored tail and the wings on the sides of his head.  I’m not sure what purpose they serve but they remind me of Thor’s helmet.   This guy has great bird feet which are sculpted with lots of detail and his head is also super detailed.  He looks very realistic.  He also looks more like the old Battle Beasts figures than the lion does because this guy has solid colored eyes and a closed mouth.  However not too many vintage Battle Beasts received the multi-colored paint job treatment that this guy has.  The royal blue base with the golden yellow belly look great accented by the black facial features.

As far as accessories go this guy came with the same stuff as everyone else:  sword, shield, trading card, and 2 dice.  There’s nothing really noteworthy about any of them.

I hope you enjoyed this figure review as I’ve got a continuation of sorts coming up…

9 out of 10


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