If you read my Beast Saga collection review from a couple of days ago then you know that I recently acquired 14 Beast Saga figures.  I bought two 3-packs and six single packed figures.  Those 12 figures make up the entire first wave of standard release figures.  The other 2 figures I purchased were blind boxed.  Blind boxed figures are very popular in Japan and a number of small collectables are released that way here in North America as well.  Blind box basically means that you don’t know what toy you’re gonna get when you buy the thing.  It’s like putting money in a vending machine and turning the crank, you never know what toy is gonna pop out.  When BigBadToyStore first made these figures available for preorder I wasn’t sure how many blind boxes I should buy.  At the time I had no idea what was going to be in them.  They might’ve been new figures only available in the blind boxes or maybe just the same figures that were already available in the single packs.  What they ended up being was versions of the single pack and 3 pack characters molded in translucent plastic.  The clear plastic molds make the characters appear to be ghosts or holograms or something along those lines.  I think the translucent figures are actually meant to represent the beast in “powered-up” mode.  In the Japanese commercial that you can view on the official Beast Saga website it shows the shark and lion draw power from their respective environments, light up and then release a huge blast of energy from the cube on their chests.  When powered up the characters glowed, engulfed in mystical flames of some sort.  So that’s what I think these figures are supposed to be.

In my two blind boxes I got translucent versions of the bird and the giraffe.  These versions are pretty cool but not cool enough to warrant me buying any more blind boxes and risk purchasing doubles.  Not to say I won’t purchase any more translucent figures but I think I’ll wait a while and pick certain favorite characters up on ebay eventually.  If I didn’t already get the bird who has become my early favorite, then I might’ve considered buying another blind box or two in hopes of scoring one.

Now while I could consider this a powered-up version of Saga Finch, that’s kind of a waste of a figure.  I’d much rather display this as an individual character.  This is why I couldn’t simply name Saga Finch Saga Bird because then what would I call this guy?  I don’t love it but I’ve decided to call this guy SAGA SPARROW, at least until a better name comes to mind.  (Don’t ask me what I’m gonna name my second Giraffe)

So now I need to come up with an origin for Saga Sparrow  like I did for Saga Finch and Saga Lion.  His is gonna have to be a little weirder to explain his see-throughness.   Perhaps the Beasts have a training facility in their headquarters like the X-Men’s danger room.  There the beasts hone their skills competing against one another in an obstacle course.  Since Finch is a loner who doesn’t like to train with the others he goes in alone and competes against a holographic ghost version of his best time like in Mario Kart.  Through some bizarre computer glitch the ghost version of Finch became an individual entity separate from the training program.  Since Sparrow is a hologram come to life he’s awkward and doesn’t understand emotion, like Data from Star Trek.  He feels connected to Finch and tends to follow him around in an attempt to learn from him.  Finch wants nothing to do with his digital clone at first but over time they  develop an unspoken brother-like bond.  Yeah….that’ll do.

As for the actual figure there’s not much to say that I haven’t already said about Saga Finch who is the exact same sculpt.  I really like the dark blue they molded him in.  He’s still see through and looks cool in front of a light source but the dark plastic keeps you from seeing the joints inside of him too clearly.  The transparent white armor looks pretty rad too.  A very nice twist on an already great figure.  8 out of 10.


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