Okay, I promise this will be my last Beast Saga review for at least a day or two.  I’m just very excited about this new line and I know others are too but there’s still not a ton of information on the net about them yet so I’ve been trying to do my part to shed some light on the subject.  Tomorrow I shall get back to G.I. Joes and whatnot but for those of you enjoying my Beast Saga coverage, fear not as I’ll be reviewing all these figures in the coming weeks.  I’ve already pre-ordered another 2 waves of figures from BigBadToyStore which should ship in October and November so I’m not too worried about reviewing my way through all the figures too quickly.  Hopefully this line will at least match, or even better surpass, the number of figures released in the original Battle Beasts line (88).

I’ve seen this guy on retailer sites and blogs  referred to as Morick Bat or Moriku Bat.  Until I have confirmation that these names floating around are the official character names I will be sticking with my simplistic naming system of “SAGA <blank>”,  this is SAGA BAT.

As I’ve been reviewing these figures I’ve been coming up with little backstories for each one as I go.  The first 3 figures I reviewed have all been assigned to my “good-guy” team.  I’ve decided that if there was a Battle Beast figure released in the 80s of the same species, that the new Beast Saga figure would be their offspring.  My Battle Bat figure was one of my favorite bad guys when I was a kid.  He was very smart and cunning; a spy, a strategist and a bit of a mad scientist all rolled into one.  He was Battle Ram’s right hand man (Ram was my bad guy leader).   I considered shaking things up my placing Battle Bat’s son, Saga Bat on the good guy team.  It would be casting him against type and would add some drama to the story line.  But I can’t do it.  This figure is so clearly a bad guy that I have no choice but to make evil.  However I can’t picture this guy as Battle Bat’s son.  I like that story line for Saga Lion but I don’t think it’s gonna work across the board.  Instead I think I’ll make Saga Bat a peer of Battle Bat.  Perhaps they both studied sciences when they were younger and both were slightly mad but Saga Bat went totally off the deep end and got himself committed.  Battle Bat went on to join the evil terrorist organization of Battle Ram while Saga Bat rotted away in a cell.

After years of battle an uneasy time of peace eventually came where both sides opted to simply stay out of the territories of the other side.  But now a new villainous upstart, Saga Shark, has decided that peace time is over and that the war must resume.  One of Shark’s first acts of terrorism was breaking into the cities prison and psyche ward to recruit soldiers for his army.  This is where he found Saga Bat.  Bat’s years locked away in a rubber room have made him loopier than ever but they’ve also made him ruthless with a thirst for vengeance and an axe to grind against the society that locked him up.  He’s not nearly as stealthy or cunning as Battle Bat but he’s just as smart and even more vicious.   Not bad…I’m starting to think that maybe Takara should hire me to write file cards for these guys.

The figure itself is pretty damn awesome.  I doubt he’ll ever be as dear to my heart as Battle Bat but he’s far more of an imposing villain than Battle Bat.  Back in the day I thought the Battle Beast bat looked like all kinds of nasty.  He had a cybernetic eye, an evil toothy sneer, a hook for a hand, black armor and an executioner’s axe that was taller than he was.  But when placed next to this figure that 80s one almost looks cute.  Saga Bat is significantly taller as Battle Bat was one of the shortest characters  in the original line anyway.  This new figure also has some nasty teeth but this is no sneer, this guy looks like he’s ready to bite into your neck with those big fangs of his. His teeth are painted white so they really pop visually where as the old figure’s teeth were unpainted.  The old Bat had one cybernetic eye but this guy has two.  I don’t know if the sculptors intended for the eyes to be pointing in different directions but the fact that they are definitely makes him appear to be a little unstable.  Both figures have big bat ears but this guy wins again because his inner ears are painted pink and have sculpted details.  Saga Bat’s face as a whole is marvelously sculpted.  There’s the furry texture, the ears, the teeth and the eyes that I already mentioned and he’s got a great upturned nose which puts this guy firmly in the ugly category unlike his cute predecessor.  This figure also has a much more impressive wing span.  The purple armor looks great with some nice detailing as well.  His weapons are simple but I really like them, they’ve got a very medieval vibe to them.  there’s even some nice sculpting done on his toes so this guy is cool from top to bottom.  I highly recommend you pick him up.  8 out of 10.

Before I take a break for a day or two I had a request from a reader to take a couple of pictures of some BEAST SAGA figures displayed with some BATTLE BEAST figures.  I keep my Battle Beasts in a plexi-glass display case on my man-cave wall.  I had hoped to add my Beast Saga figures to the display but it seems that they’re just slightly to thick to fit.  You can see from this picture how much taller the two Saga figures are but you can’t really see how thick they are.  As it is, the front of the case can’t be put back on with the Saga figures in the case.  I’ll have to find a new home for them, separate from my Battle Beasts.


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  1. do more soon ur back stories on them are very good 🙂

  2. You aren’t far of on him being bonkers. I read his official bio and it turns out he has a split personality.

  3. Don’t mention it. Your blog rocks.

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