Well I waited a couple of days as promised but now I’m gonna get back to reviewing some of my Beast Saga figures.  Since these guys are bigger than I had anticipated them to be they don’t fit in the case that I had planned to display them in.  Thus they are currently homeless and just hovering around the keyboard on my computer desk begging to be reviewed until I find them a suitable home.  And that might be tough to do as I am  running out of room in my man-cave at an alarming rate.  I could easily display my current 14 figure Beast Saga collection anywhere but knowing full well that I have another 3 waves of these figures coming before Christmas this rapidly growing collection could become a problem fast.  But that is a problem for another day, for now let’s bask in the glory of another wicked cool Beast Saga figure. 

This here is a hamster whom I have dubbed SAGA HAMSTER.  There are a couple of things about Mr. Hamster that make him stand out from the pack right away.  The most obvious being the fact that he’s frig’n adorable.  The Beast Saga figure’s ancestors, the Battle Beasts, were not known for their cuteness.  One of the things that I really liked about the vintage Battle Beasts line was how the sculptors were able to take traditionally cute animals and make them seem threatening.  There was a sloth, a koala, a mouse, a bunny rabbit and even a duck that were featured as Beasts in that line and every one of them was a badass.   Sure there were elements of cute in some of them but nobody was smiling or had big ‘ol puppy dog eyes.  Every Battle Beast, no matter the animal, was sculpted as if they could kick some serious ass.  That is not the case with Saga Hamster.  This guy is far too cute to be on the front lines of a Beast War against an army of Sharks and Piranhas.  I don’t mind that he’s cute but I hope it does not become a trend with these Beast Saga figures.  I hope that any guinea pig or wiener dog figures that we get in the future are sculpted to look like warriors and not the cast of some lame Disney adventure movie.  Saga Hamster looks like he’d be right at home in one of the live action Chipmunks movies or a G-Force sequel. 

I could go against type and characterize this guy as a rage fueled, gun toting maniac but that’s just too farfetched.   Interesting enough though he is the only figure from wave 1 to carry a gun instead of a bladed weapon.  I would guess that it’s because he’s the weakest physically of the bunch and so Saga Lion has opted to give him a slight edge by allowing him to carry a firearm as opposed to a more traditional weapon.   Perhaps Saga Hamster is an excellent marksman.  Let’s say that he’s the team’s sniper.  That assignment keeps him off the battlefield and out of harm’s way for the most part but still gives him something to do.  He has no problem nestling into some foliage and laying there for hours on end until his target is spotted.  I have a rodent as a pet and I know they’re quite capable of this.

Another thing about this figure that’s different from the others is his stance.  His little legs are directly under him instead of having an open stance like all of the others.  It makes him appear stiffer than the rest but that’s not a bad thing, it gives him some added personality.    His armor is simple yet effective.  It’s painted an olive shade of green  and lacks any color highlights so it looks a bit drab when compared to the others.  There are some circles sculpted on his shoulders and hips which are clearly a nod to hamster wheels.  His head sculpt, while perhaps a tad overly cute, is still amazing.  It looks quite realistic both in sculpt and color.  There’s sculpted fur and a strange sorta gizmo stuck to the top of his head.  I’m not sure what purpose it would serve but it looks pretty neat.  He’s got solid black eyes, a pink nose and pink inner ears, and a really nice two-toned orange and white paint job on the fur.





I’ve said it before but will say it again, go to BigBadToyStore (click the add on the right) and buy these figures asap. 8 out of 10.


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  1. It’s like cute and cool had a baby!

  2. I see the headpiece as part of a targeting computer system, as fits a specialized sniper. And is an interesting side nod to rodents’ many roles in brain and technological research.

    And to me, the I-shaped, ball-ended pieces on his shoulders are a pair of automatic guns of some kind. I’m seeing them as something slightly akin to the blunderbusses in “Looper” – shortrange, very wide spread, barely any need to aim them.
    It’s an escape weapon, for when/if Saga Hamster is discovered and approached in his sniper nest.

    Which also fits with his role as a physically weaker but dedicated soldier whose talents Saga Lion has figured out how to maximize.

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