So this past Monday I went to Giant Robot Comics for their monthly toy trading event.  I’ve been aware that these toy swaps have been taking place for a while now but had yet to make it over for one myself.  Me and Giant Robot are separated by the second largest natural ice free harbor in the world and I do not drive a car nor a boat so getting there isn’t always easy.  I could take a bus I suppose but Halifax public transport is sketchy enough even before you cross the bridge into Dartmouth.  For this reason I only ever venture over there when I can bum a ride for a friend.  Lucky for me, my good pal Andrew also has an unquenchable thirst for new toys so I’m able to get to GRC with some frequency.

So a couple of posts ago I was whining about how much trouble it was to get a G.I. Joe Storm Rider figure.  A friend of the blog (Glenn, who went to the same high school as me but  whom I had never met formally) commented on my mike’s collection facebook page that I really should make an effort to get over to Dartmouth for the upcoming Toy Trade night as I might find some of those sought after figures.  So I recruited Andrew and away we went.  (Like Glenn, you should all go “like” the facebook page so you’ll be informed of every new post and you too can direct me to where the deals are.)

So when I got to Giant Robot I was happy to see that there were quite a few toys to pick from.  Only 3 or 4 guys actually showed up with stuff but they had a fair amount, two long tables worth.  Glenn was there who I got to officially meet and to my pleasant surprise an old friend, Jim Midgett (not an alias),was there selling off his G1 Transformers to make room for a new baby.  Right away Andrew scored two 12” Power Rangers figures from some dude who introduced himself to us but unfortunately I’ve forgotten his name.  He did tell me that he runs an ebay store called East Coast Toys and Games which I did check out.  He’s got all kinds of stuff on there so maybe you should check it out as well. http://stores.ebay.ca/East-Coast-Toys-and-Games

I sadly did not find any figures on my “need’ list.  In fact I didn’t pick up anything from lines that I currently collect.  I did take the opportunity to pick up some cheap retro odds and ends though; stuff that I thought would be fun to review for you guys.  For $2 a piece I scored figures from such diverse lines as Dukes of Hazard, Captain Power, Clash of the Titans, Dungeons & Dragons, and Robotix so stay tuned for those.

From the ebay store guy I scored a lot of 4 DC Super Powers figures.  I paid about $6 a piece for these guys which is more than I was looking to spend but seeing as he was asking for $12 a figure I bought them out of courtesy as I appreciated him coming down so low.  I got one of my favorite DC Characters, Green Arrow, and then I got 3 other guys whom I know next to nothing about:   Kalibak, Red Tornado and Dr. Fate.

I remember when the Super Powers figures were new way back when.  I didn’t collect them but I remember the line vividly as it was my introduction to many DC characters.  It’s only because of Super Powers that I even know who Red Tornado and Dr. Fate are.   The only Super Powers toy I actually had as a kid was Mantis, a pretty obscure character who, because of that toy, always felt to me like he was an important character in the DC universe.  The Super Powers line forever engrained in me who I feel are DC’s “key” characters whether they deserve that title or not.  I always thought Dr. Fate was one of the coolest looking characters from the line. 

In all the years since I first saw him though, I’ve never owned a Dr. Fate figure until now and I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a comic book featuring him.  I actually know next to nothing about him other than he’s got magic based powers.  I always saw him as the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Dr. Strange: the master of the mystic arts.  I went to Fate’s Wikipedia page to find out some details about the guy before writing this review but I found it all terribly boring.  I’m sad to report that I don’t think Dr. Fate is much more than a pretty face. 

So despite being a kinda lame character this figure is still awesome.  The bright  blue and yellow look great together and the helmet design is just killer.  I wish I had his cape but even without it he still looks cool.  The Super Powers toys were all well-proportioned and posed in a good neutral poses.  Articulation is pretty simplistic in part to allow for the punching and kicking action features.  I’m unsure what feature Dr. Fate had back in the day as his limbs don’t do much more than hang in place now.  Boring, broken and incomplete, but still awesome.  7 out of 10.


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  1. Wow, that last picture of Dr. Fate is something else…

    He does look pretty cool, though I had never heard of him before.

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