Regular readers of this site are aware of how excited I am about these Beast Saga figures.  I pre-ordered the first 14 figures from BigBadToyStore months ago and when they arrived in the mail last month I felt like an 8 year old on Christmas morning.  It’s not every day that you get to open up your first action figure from an exciting new toy line, let alone 14 of them.  I went from owning no Beast Saga figures to having the entire collection in a matter of minutes.  I quickly began posting reviews and have covered 5 of them so far.  Saga Deer here will be my 6th.  Now with a collection as small as this I wouldn’t normally rush through half of them as quickly as I have because I like to space out the reviews of any one toy line.  If all goes according to plan I’ll be writing this blog for years to come and wouldn’t want to exhaust all my Beast Saga reviews in a few short weeks.  The reason you see G.I. Joes so frequently is because I have so frig`n many of them that running out of Joes to review is not a concern.  When it comes to smaller lines like Ninja Turtles and California Raisins I’ve got to space them out accordingly.   The thing about these Beast Saga figures though is they are showing no signs of slowing down.  Besides the 14 I currently have, I have another 20+ figures on pre-order.  So until the excitement wears off, which it hasn’t yet, I’m gonna keep feeding you Beast Saga reviews on a regular basis.

This is Saga Deer.  I’ll quickly point out again that it isn’t his real name but I’ve taken to calling all of my BS figures “Saga _____” until someone verifies what their names actually are.  If I was forced to be more creative I think “Buck Stag” would be a pretty boss name for this guy.  I actually kind of hope that they aren’t given names and back stories as making them up myself was one of the aspects I really liked about the original Battle Beast toy line that inspired these figures.   Yet I’ve heard rumors of a potential DVD release so if that’s true then I’m sure the characters will receive proper names and some sort of storyline.  I’d love to see this toy line spin off into an animated series but it would most likely be in Japanese which kind of sucks for those of us who aren’t exactly fluent in the language.


Saga Deer wasn’t initially one of my favorite figures but I really like him now.  I almost feel that he would be a more fitting leader for the good guy group than Saga Lion.  Lion looks a little unstable with those crazy eyes and open mouth.  Deer looks much more calm and collected.  And sure Lion has a great green mane but does it command more respect than Deer’s epic antlers?  Of that I’m not sure.  But since I’ve already established Lion as my leader I’m not gonna shake up the status quo so soon.  But should anything ever happen to Lion, I feel that Saga Deer would fill his shoes nicely.

I like how his green and brown color scheme is reminiscent of the deer from the Battle Beasts line.  The BB deer was not a favorite of mine.  He wasn’t bad but his goggles made him seem kinda nerdy to me and his thin little deer legs didn’t do much to make him appear tough.  Even the flamingo looked tougher than him.  I think my indifference towards the Battle Beast Deer is what lead to my initial lack of enthusiasm about Saga Deer.   But now I see that Saga Deer stands on his own as a great figure.  He doesn’t suffer from scrawny leg syndrome like his ancestor and he doesn’t need goggles.  His antlers are much cooler and even his shade of green is way better.  This guy trumps the original deer in every way.  I had originally envisioned the Beast Saga figures to be the offspring of the Battle Beast figures but there’s no way I could buy into this guy being the son of the scrawny punk that is Battle Deer.  I think that in this scenario it is the original’s father who has stepped onto the battle field.

Saga Deer comes with a sword and shield and a couple of dice as is standard in the line.  I quite like his weird spiral sword.  One of the better figures of wave 1.  8 out of 10.


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  1. Cool review. I saw the anime and deer is the exact opposite of how he is in your universe. He’s quite hot headed.

  2. They have it on Youtube

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