It’s time for another Halloween themed toy review!  This is Pumpkinhead and he was released as part of McFarlane Toy’s Movie Maniacs line.  Movie Maniacs was a dumping ground for all sorts of horror icons of cinema who couldn’t support their own toy line.  You can’t have an entire line of Friday the 13th figures for example because other than Jason who else would people buy?  So the Movie Maniacs included the likes of Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and the star of my favorite film, The Crow.  Although I would totally buy action figures of T-Bird, Tin Tin and the rest of the gang from that flick if given the opportunity.  Now Pumpkinhead may not be a horror icon of the same calibre  as those other guys but he sure does look cool.

I remember seeing the box art for Pumpkinhead for years in the VHS rental section of my local corner store and being intrigued by it but I didn’t actually see it until many years after its release.  I’ve never really been much of a horror guy.  I watched my fair share of them as a kid but that was usually because I was at a sleepover or because Doug and I were sneaking up past our bedtime to watch them on the movie network.  I didn’t have any desire to watch them on my own.  And if I missed a chapter or two of Nightmare or Friday (which I’m sure I did somewhere along the way) I was fine with it.  I do have a soft spot for those slashers and was just as excited to see Freddy vs Jason as the next guy but I’m by no means a hardcore fanatic.  Monsters however are a different story, I love me some monsters. 

My favorite horror movies are the original Universal monster movies of the 30s and 40s and I enjoy movies that stick closer to that formula.  Werewolves are my absolute favorite but I find they’re rarely done right.  The Pumpkinhead cover box was so interesting to me because Pumpkinhead was a cool looking new monster, not one of the obvious go-to, seen-it-a-million-times monsters like a werewolf or vampire.  When I did eventually see the movie I remember being disappointed.  I only saw it once and it was many years ago so I’m not going to attempt to critique the film but I do remember thinking that there wasn’t nearly enough of the monster in the movie to satisfy my monster craving.  I believe the creature got more screen time in the sequel but that memory is pretty hazy too. 

But I didn’t buy this toy based on how good the movie was, I bought it because it looked awesome.  McFarlane rarely lets you down when it comes to capturing the look of a movie character.  Not only did he give us movie monsters but he also gave us a bunch of movie heros back in the day such as Terminator, Robocop and Austin Powers.  The likenesses were never a problem, it was the articulation.  I’ve mentioned on this site many times before but I did not care for the stiffness of many McFarlane figures.  Even though I don’t play with my toys I like to be able to pick them up and fiddle around with them.  McFarlane’s figures were often closer to statues than toys.  How can I fiddle with a Spawn figure when he’s sculpted in a sitting down pose?  This is ultimately why I stopped buying McFarlane figures.  Well that and the fact that he stopped making figures of anything I was interested in.

Pumpkinhead is lacking in articulation with joints at his hips, shoulders, wrists and head only but at least he’s sculpted in a fairly neutral pose.  He looks good displayed on a shelf with either action posed figures or statically posed figures.   He’s a very tall figure and towers over most of the other horror icons in the line.  The sculpt is great on the face and the body with lots of detail and texture.  The face has an appropriately evil looking scowl and the large hands are quite creepy with their long individually posed fingers.  He’s also got a long tail made of softer plastic with a wire center that allows for some good posability.   The tail also helps to balance the figure out to keep him from toppling over.  Nice subtle paint apps is the cherry on top of this sweet looking figure.  I’m pretty sure this is still the only Pumpkinhead figure ever produced so if you’re a fan of the series at all I suggest you track one down.  7 out of 10.


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  1. I fucking loved pumpkinhead. That is all.

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