A couple of weeks ago the second wave of Beast Saga figures arrived in the mail.  It was was a much smaller haul than the 14 figures I got in my wave 1 shipment.  The second wave consisted of only 2 single carded figures ( a crocodile and a gorilla) and one 3 pack.  As I’ve explained before the Beasts are divided into 3 distinct groups: land, sea and air.  Up to this point each faction is made up of a 3-pack of figures that contains the faction’s leader plus two other beasts and then additional beasts can then be bought in single packs to pad the ranks.  For some reason only the land and sea factions received a 3 pack in wave 1 and the air team was left leaderless.  So for the past month and a half my air team as been significantly outnumbered by the other two teams.  Well with the arrival of wave 2 the tide has turned in the air factions favor.  Finally the air beasts have their leader, a noble eagle.  At least I think it’s an eagle, could be a hawk.  I don’t really know.  Damn these figures and their illegible Japanese packaging.  The other figures included in the 3 pack with the eagle were a pigeon (that one I’m sure on) and this guy, Saga Falcon.  At least I’ve opted to call him a falcon, I’m not entirely sure about him either.

I’m also not entirely sure about this guy’s intended gender.  The little She-Ra crown he’s wearing could be construed as rather girlie.  The fact that his entire outfit is pink with teal highlights also calls his gender into question.  Perhaps he’s intended to be a girl but the art on the playing card included with him does not depict him in a very feminine light.  He looks tough to me.  Maybe the fact that he’s wearing pink armor means that he’s extra tough.  Only a real bad ass would wear pink on the battle field.  I think I will designate Saga Falcon as the eagle’s second-in-command, a ruthless lieutenant.  As a twist though Falcon will be on the down low.  If you’re unsure what I mean by that let’s just say that when not on duty he spends a lot of time at the Bird Bath-House.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Beast Saga figures continue to impress me.  This figure has loads of detail in his feathered wings and in his textured head and body.  I’m not crazy about the armor on this figure and not because it’s pink but that doesn’t help.  It just comes across as bland to me.  The only thing that saves it is the inclusion of the spiky crown.  I think the jagged edges of the crown, shin guards and cuffs are supposed to appear feathery but they come across as more crystal-like to me.  I think a few more teal highlights would’ve helped to break up the dullness of the armor as well.  The paint apps on the face are great though with the three-toned eyes and black tipped beak.  This is my least favorite figure  out of the 3 pack but it is by no means a bad figure.  A welcome addition to my growing Beast Saga collection.  6 out of 10.


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  1. I think Falcon is female or is meant to be. Kinda like a Smurfette of Beast Saga.

  2. If this is a chick, it’s still a better one then panther.

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