I know that most of them are horrible but I can’t help but love Godzilla movies.  I’ve been fascinated by giant monsters since I was a wee lad and when it comes to monsters you simply can’t top Godzilla: The King of Monsters.  Most Godzilla and other similarly themed old monster movies really only have about 10 to 20 minutes of fun monster vs monster action.  The rest of the movie is padded with Asian scientists explaining how the latest monster came to be with their hooky faux-science.  I threw in RODAN the other day and Vanessa was in pain having to sit through it.  Admittedly it was a pretty rough go and I ended up fast forwarding though the second half of it.  Sometimes I like the idea of giant monsters more than I actually like sitting through their movies.  One factor that can elevate a subpar monster film into enjoyable cinema is the inclusion of a cool villain.  Though it might be a stretch to call Godzilla a hero that’s basically what he is in the majority of his films.  There’s usually something worse out there, wrecking even more havoc than Godzilla himself, that the humans need to vanquish so they point the big G like a weapon in the new threat’s general direction and hope for the best.

Godzilla has had some great adversaries over the years.  My favorite being the classic three-headed gold dragon King Ghidorah.  I’ve always like Gigan, Mecha-Godzilla, and Anguirus as well.  Newer villains like Destroyah and Orga have been welcome additions to the monster pantheon.    One monster that I could never get behind, no matter how bad I wanted to, was Mothra.

Mothra is one of the oldest and most recognizable TOHO Kaiju monsters.  She had her own movie back in 1961 and her own trilogy in the late 1990s.  She’s probably appeared in more Godzilla movies than any other monster and she’s always the good guy.  It’s just too bad that she sucks so much.  A giant moth, really?  And that’s all she is, a giant moth.  She’s not even a mutated scary version of a moth.  Her evil counter-part , Battra, is much more menacing.

He’s still basically a lame giant moth but he at least he has a funky jagged design and a cool color scheme.  Mothra always manages to put up a fight in the films but are we really expected to believe that Godzilla should feel threatened by this oversized bug?   Mothra sometimes appears in larva mode which is just as underwhelming.  She appears as a brown grub that spits silk out of her mouth like an overactive can of silly string but she looks more like a giant turd to me.

I may not care much for Mothra but I do respect her.  She is a classic, iconic monster and so I’ve always wanted a Mothra figure to string from the ceiling where she could torment my Godzilla figure by dangling just out of his reach.  The problem is I could never justify paying for one.  Most Godzilla figure have very little articulation to speak of anyway but Mothra has even less.  She’s much smaller than other monster figures and her only articulation is her two front arms which can rotate a little .  So you’d think that she would sell for much less than Godzilla, a hulking T-Rex-esque monster with a swinging tail and fire breath.  But she doesn’t.  How could I possibly justify dropping $16.99 plus tax on this thing.  Quite frankly I couldn’t and so my monster display seemed doomed to remain mothless.  However on a recent Wednesday visit to Strange Adventures I saw that they had this figure marked down to a mere five bucks.  I guess they weren’t exactly selling like hot cakes; surprise surprise.  So I scooped her up and now finally my Godzillas have a moth to beat the hell out of. 

There’s not much to say about the figure itself.  She looks pretty good I suppose.  The colors on the wings are nice and the sculpt is accurate.  It would have been nice if they added some articulation like a turning head at least.  The best thing about the figure is that the wings are molded in translucent  plastic and painted over.  You can’t tell just by looking at her but when you hold her up to a light source the light shines through her wings which gives them a cool luminous effect.  But that’s not enough to save this figure from the fact that it’s just a plastic  f**king moth.  3 out of 10.


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  1. For 5 bucks you got a deal. Just watch your cloths. You may need a giant can of Raid! I can’t sit through a Godzilla movie from start to finish either. Except for the 1954 Japanese original Gojira. And the American version released in 1956 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Those I love.

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