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Bad news loyal readers.  They’re cracking down on externally sent and received emails at my work.  I work at a government agency that deals with a lot of sensitive information so I guess that’s fair enough but work happens to be where I get a lot of my blogging done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard worker but in my particular line of work there is some down time.  Rather than spend all my “free time” on crosswords and sudoku puzzles I’ve become accustomed to writing blog entries, or at least getting them started, then emailing them to myself to make the posting process much quicker when I get home.  This email rule will definitely take a bite out of my blogging time.  When I’m home I’ve got other things to do after all.  So here I am, freshly home from work and wanting to relax on the couch but instead I’m sitting here cranking out this post from scratch.  Ho-hum.Marv-Electro art first appearance


Today I’ve opted to review Electro.  Not for any particular reason but Jamie Foxx has recently been cast to play him in the upcoming Amazing Spider-man 2 so I suppose it’s topical. Foxx wouldn’t be my first choice to play Max Dillon but whatever, I’m sure he’ll be fine.  I’ve gotten more accustomed in recent years to having the race (Kingpin) and sometimes even gender (G.I. Joe’s Dialtone) of cherished characters being altered for different forms of media.  I personally would like to see a live-action Electro  look as close to the original design as possible but I realize how unlikely that is.  I suppose it could be argued that his lightning bolt mask is campy and outdated.  He’s even stopped wearing it in the comics the past few years.  Now he just runs around with a shaved head and some burn scars on his face.  I imagine that they’ll do something closer to that for the movie.Marv-Electro face art


But campy or not I love the vintage Ditko design.  The crazy mask and gloves and bright colors make for a classic Spidey villain look.   And Electro has always been a favorite villain of mine to read as well.  The writers have increased his powers many times over the years to keep him a formidable opponent to the web-head.  In a somewhat recent story line Electro leveled the famous Daily Bugle building where Peter Parker had worked since he was a teenager.Marv-Electro art modern

This particular figure is pretty decent but it’s not perfect.  It was released as part of the 90s Spider-Man line.  The green looks great and I like the yellow-gold paint used on his chest and underoos.  The face has lots of personality sculpted into it and the pose is a good mix of neutral and action ready.  For accessories this figure came with a plastic bolt of lightning that he rode like a surfboard which lit up and was pretty cool.  There are definitely some things to like about this figure; especially when compared to some other figures being released at the time.Marv-Electro 90s side

Now for the bad parts.  Why the two shades of gold?  I think a solid yellow would have looked much better and more dynamic.  Where are his classic bolt gloves? I’d have been happy with any gloves at all, the bare hands seem an odd choice.  Why the changes in the design?  I don’t know why they would swap out the bolts on his chest for those utility belt like straps.  And why the Astroboy feet?  I actually kind of like them but it’s still weird.  And why so little articulation?  No joints at the knees or elbows is pure weak sauce.  So while it’s not bad it’s not great either.

6 out of 10.Marv-Electro turnaround art


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  1. When you were talking accessories, you forgot to mention the best part, the crazy gold cannon that fit over one of his hands. And unlike some comic figure accessories, he actually used something like it ONCE in the comics during the “Revenge of the Sinister Six” storyline (which is where I grew to love Electro).

    • My apologies. I should have mentioned it. Some of these toys I’ve had for so long that i’ve actually forgotten what accessories they came with. I do recall the arm cannon and it was kind of cool.

      • Don’t feel the need to apologize. I just thought it was funny that they were desperate to find some actual accessory to give Electro and pulled out a super-obscure reference to do so…

      • I almost wish they would make up stupid accessories like that for the current Marvel Universe figures. Maybe then i wouldn’t feel totally ripped off paying $16 for a 3″ figure with no accessories.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly on the accessories comments with the MU figures. I really like the concept of Marvel characters in the same scale as my Joes, but I just can’t pull the trigger on them here (I realize down here in the states, they’re probably a little less than you can find them up in Canada) because, for the most part, they come with nothing else but the figure and for that price point it feels like a rip-off. Heck, the few I have all have at least some extra accessory. (Wave 1 Wolverine with the rifle and sword, Wave 1 Bullseye with the knife, Darkhawk with his wings, Iron Patriot with the energy blast, both versions of Archangel with his wings [hell, I bought the standard version because I wanted the Death variant that I found first to have real wings instead of the cop-out he came with]–crickey, I think the only one I have without accessories is Scarlet Spider who I jumped on because I loved that character since I started getting into comic right around the whole Clone Saga thing)

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