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I have 3 different Pit Droid figures.  They’re small, all relatively close to the same and I have next to nothing to say about them so I decided to lump all 3 of them together for a single review.  However, I have currently posted 351 toy reviews since starting this blog on December 18, 2011.  When I started this blog I modeled it after a toy blog I visit on a daily basis called “Joe a day”.  This guy Rob posts a new Joe figure review every single day which I find very impressive.  When I started my blog I hoped to be able to review a figure a day like Rob does but that didn’t work out.  Luckily I didn’t name the blog “Mike’s daily toy reviews” or something which would have locked me into the commitment.  Sometimes life gets too busy or I’m just not in the mood and so sometimes I go a day or two without posting anything.  Despite my slacking off I am still very close to achieving my goal of reviewing 365 toys in my first year.  To get there I need to post 14 reviews in the next 10 days.  And so I have decided NOT to lump these 3 Pit Droid figures together as originally planned; I gotta cut whatever corners I can.

SW-Pit droid 1 carded



Each of the figures are just called “Pit Droid”, I will call this figure Pit Droid number 1.  He was released in 1999 in the first wave of Phantom Menace figures that were released at midnight to very much hype.  He came packaged with another small character, pod racer Gasgano.  In the movie the Pit Droids were featured heavily in the early scenes on Tatooine.  They were present in Watto’s workshop and made up the pit crews for the various pod racers.  In the movie it was mentioned that to be a successful pod racer you had to be small in stature and that is why no adult human could participate.  Because the pod racer pilots were all so small the figures couldn’t exactly be sold alone for the same price point as a full sized figure.  To justify the price point almost all of the racers came packaged with a Pit Droid so now consumers were getting 2 small figures for the price of one big one.

This figure is decent enough but it’s nothing to call home about.  He’s got articulated  legs and arms and he swivels at the head.  The head can actually be popped right off which I guess can be done to replicate the droid’s ability to condense into just a head with feet.  Their whole body was collapsable in the movie.  I assume it was meant to be a defensive maneuver like a turtle or maybe it just made storing them easier.  I think articulated knees and elbows would have vastly improved this figure as he seems rather stiff but all Star Wars figures had pretty basic articulation in those days.  This Pit droid, with his scrawny body and large head, was never able to stand on his own.  That’s why for this picture I had to lean him against the glass on my desk.  You can see blue sticky-tack on his feet because that’s what I used that to keep him standing back when I had a Star Wars diorama set up.  The overall sculpt is pretty good and it makes for a cute figure.  Considering he’s basically just an accessory he’s not too shabby at all.  5 out of 10.SW-Pit droids


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