SW-Pit droid 2STAR WARS

This Pit Droid was also released in wave 1 of the Phantom Menace figures.  He came packaged with Pod Racer Ody Mandrell.  Clearly this is a different type of Pit Droid than the one in my last review.  He’s still a short scrawny robot but his body design is a fair bit different and he’s missing the big clunky head.  This guy’s head is almost the complete opposite of Pit Droid number 1.  That guy had a giant noggin, big enough to retract his full body into and he had a large single  eye in the center.  This guy almost has no head at all.  He’s basically just got two itty-bitty green eyes on top of his neck.  I’m not sure if they were designed differently for a reason or just to put some diversity on screen.  Most minor Star Wars characters have fully fleshed out back stories but I was able to find very little information online regarding the Pit Droids and their various functions.



I actually think this guy is cuter than the other one. I love those little green eyes and the fact that he seems to be designed with a beer gut.  It’s a very odd physique for a robot to have.SW-Pit droid 2 carded




I really like the paint job on this figure.  Everything on Tatooine looked dirty and weathered.  The other Pit Droid figure looked far too clean.  One of the great things about the Star Wars movies is how “lived in” they felt.  Things were dirty and busted, just like in real life.  This droid definitely looks like its been working underneath a pod racer in a dingy garage somewhere.  He’s got a beautifully rusty paint job.  His articulation is just as lacking as on the other figure but this guy doesn’t come across as stiff as the other one.  Maybe it’s because the big headed Pit Droids were so active on screen I feel the corresponding figure should have been more nimble.  5 out of 10.


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